MicroCotton Queen Sheet Set - White

350 thread count?

Negative ghost rider, the pattern is full

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Don’t be so hung up on thread count. Manufacturing techniques using the highest quality yarn and weaving methods can only achieve a true thread count of about 400. Anything above that is probably using creative math to fudge the numbers, this is usually either 2-ply or multi-pick yarns. Recently, Bed Bath and Beyond got sued, and settle out of court, for misrepresenting thread count in their sheets. Likewise, Consumer Reports recently hired an independent analyst to measure the thread count of an undisclosed sheet brand and their 1200 thread count actually came out to be 416.

What’s much more important is the quality of the cotton used and the methods used to refine the yard into thread.

With that all being said, I’m not at all familiar with this brand of bed sheets and have no idea if its a good Woot or not.

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