MicroCotton Sheets - Queen

The color should be called “Dirt Magnet”.

This is not a good deal at all. You can get 400 thread count sheets from Anna’s Linens for only $30 + $10 shipping = $40 total. Better thread count at 15 bucks cheaper.

Im thinking not a good deal either am i missing something?

maybe - I have some eucalyptus fiber sheets that are not a high thread-count, but are much softer than very high thread-count cotton. This micro-cotton could be the same deal, but I’d want to hear from someone who’s used them.

The Home Source MicroCotton Towels are awesome. Might as well give the sheets a try. Too bad they’re white. I’ll have to wash them more often.

White does not go with my bed. I hope these sell-out soon. Next item please…

How about some more Core Bamboo stuff?

But not between 7:30-8:30pm, I will be at the gym!

The description says:
Extra long staple, very fine cotton used will get softer the more you launder.
So soon you may have some very soft sheets.

Got the sheets. They are AWESOME! And, I am a self-confessed sheet snob. I like them much more than the core bamboo sheets. Much smoother, softer and crisper. Lots of room for an oversized mattress also!