MicrodermMD Home System

what is the return policy and where we should return in case of any issue if we buy this through woot?

Returns need to be handled through Woot! and you would follow their policy. You may contact us in the event of a warranty issue; but otherwise, contact Woot for returns.

Can anyone compare this to a PMD?

do you offer different tip sizes and settings like fine/medium/thick??
and if not, why??

Our FAQ should help you there.

Our tip is of medium size medium coarseness making suitable for the entire body. Our unit has 5 different suction levels, most powerful on the market, for different parts of the face and body. You will want a lighter suction setting around eye area and areas with looser skin and a higher setting for less delicate parts.

There are a lot of differences between the 2 products. Our tip is made with real diamond. PMD disks are made from aluminum oxide. MicrodermMD has 5 different suction levels, PMD has one. MicrodermMD has an Auto setting that guides you through a treatment and a built in mirror so you can literally perform a treatment while sitting on your coach watching TV. Plus you get the pore extraction tip, and don’t forget the 3 year warranty, which is important.

I have a belt sander, when loaded with 120 grit, will remove tattoos.
I recommend you consume a quart of whisky first, though…

Woot returns are superb and we trurt woot… Just ordered one… hope it works for me… :stuck_out_tongue:

I ordered one and it arrived yesterday. I had the chance to use it twice already and am very happy with it. Does an excellent job, if you missed the sale that is toooooo bad! Keep an eye out if they run it again and take advantage. I love it! Works great with my chemical peels!

i just had to come back here and rave about this machine! i’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now and the results are amazing. i use it about 2-3 times a week (first week at level 1 and then level 2. maybe i’ll go up to level 3 soon) and my skin is so smooth and soft.

i didn’t see much of a difference after the first week, but now i can say it has definitely worked its magic. it’s been about 3 days since i last used the machine and my skin still feels great!

one warning, though. it dried out my skin after the first couple uses and my normal light lotion (cetaphil) was not cutting it. i went and bought a thicker collagen lotion from st. ives ($6 for a pretty big tub) and after using this machine, my skin just sucks up that moisture.

great buy. thanks, woot!!

p.s. i haven’t seen any noticeable lightening of my sun spots or wrinkles, but it’s probably too soon to tell.