Microfiber Duvet Set-3 Sizes-9 Colors

Any one who has ever tried to wash and dry a comforter knows that a duvet cover and duvet are the only way to go. And this is a fantastic insta-buy deal! Woot woot!

Sorry, work horribly busy for me right now. Only time to check in occasionally/briefly. One question: pillowcases included for the $29.99, right?

Depends on what “set” means, I guess:

Reasonable assumption, though, given that there’s matching shams in the photos.

“Set includes duvet cover and 2 standard size shams, twin size receives 1 standard size sham”

No. Two shams are included but a sham is not the same as a pillowcase.

Set includes duvet cover and 2 standard size shams, twin size receives 1 standard size sham

And a “duvet cover set” is not the same as a “duvet set”, but the terms are used interchangeably in the copy.

What material is it filled with?

I don’t think it’s filled with any material. I think this is just a duvet/comforter cover, you’ll need to supply the duvet itself… But I could be wrong.

So, why can’t these be shipped to APO. HI or AK? Dangerous microfiber substances?

To answer a few questions:

This is a cover set. It’s not stuffed with anything. It’s something you could put over a comforter - maybe to change the decor of your room. Plus, it’s easier to wash a cover than a comforter. We do have comforters for sale in a Plus event on Home.

As noted above, the set comes with Shams. One sham for twin; two for the others.

As to shipping, these are shipping directly from the vendor via FedEx. At this time, FedEx doesn’t ship directly to PO Boxes. I’m sorry.

This is an awesome deal. I wish they had this 2 weeks ago when I dropped 100+ on getting a cover and 2 shams (that were on clearence!) in bed, bath and beyond

Why doesn’t woot! ever say what the thread count of the duvet cover is or what the fill power of the duvet comforters are?

How is this a good deal? I see a bunch of offers like this on Amazon for $20-$25 with free shipping via Prime. Someone tell me how this microfiber is more premium? Thx.


Better insulation, and a bit softer to the touch than, say, cotton.

On the other hand it is rather more flammable than other types of fabrics.

EDIT: Oh, I missed a word in your post and got a completely different meaning from it. Ignore me.

RIP OFF!!! This is not a duvet. IT IS A DUVET COVER! If you think you are buying a substitute cover to use instead of a comforter, YOU ARE NOT. This is simply a cover! BEWARE!!!

Very tricky, Woot, trying to suck us into believing this is an actual DUVET!Duvet and comforters are forms of blankets or quilts taken as protection from the cold. The differences between a comforter and a duvet lie in the material they are made of and their usage. Here’s the distinction between a duvet and a comforter:

A comforter is a thick, quilted, fluffy blanket intended to keep the user warm. It is usually filled with synthetic fiber filler. A Duvet is a type of bedding - a soft flat bag traditionally filled with down or feathers, or a combination of both and used on a bed as a blanket.


Is this the same one I bought a while ago? As in, will the color match?

@hhorders: you are correct that it is a cover set. We were not trying to mislead. Character limitations prevented us from putting the word “cover” on the main page but we did try to be very clear on the detail page:

Title: Microfiber Duvet Cover Set - 3 Sizes - 9 Colors


  • Beautiful and functional duvet cover set is a perfect way to update your bedroom decor
    *This duvet cover set features super soft microfiber fabric that will bring a luxurious sleeping experience to your bedroom
  • Set includes duvet cover and 2 standard size shams, twin size receives 1 standard size sham

Does anyone know if this duvet cover has tie-offs inside to help attach the duvet to it? The ones I get from Target have those, and they’re super-handy. I’d have a hard time justifying buying any duvet cover without them.