Microfiber Sheets & Cuddly Things

Woot Staff: One of the Sherpa blankets is called “Mink,” but the photo appears to be tiger or something else variegated. “Mink” usually means some version of pure brown. Which is this one really? Thanks.

Ooooo! Potential Christmas gift for the wife here. So wootziens, what would be more snuggly/warmer, the wool lined blankets of the flannel ones?

When do will these ship and likely arrive by?

Which items are you looking at?

The fleece lined blankets are what I’m currently checking out.

These say that they’re in stock and ship in 1-2 business days. If you order tonight, I’d guess they’ll ship by Sunday late night/early Monday morning, and likely arrive by end of week next week. Hope that helps!

I’m having a hard time with sheets being made in China.

Screaming FRAUD on the pictures of the comforters! Queen 86x86 barely covers the mattress much less reaching to the floor. Big disappointments in store if you rely on the pictures for representation of the product.

I think it is more of a Full/Queen meant to fit either. There is no full size listed and in the drop down when you go to purchase, it says full/queen. So I would say its more of a misprint than fraud.

It does, but unfortunately my wife just said “No more blankets, it will just end up in storage.” All I can think about though is the below zero temps right now though. =(

Perhaps, it isn’t truly fraud, but as a quilter I can tell you that a STANDARD queen quilt is actually minimum of 90" x 94" and when you buy precut queen sized quilt batting it is 90" x 108". This is in NO way a queen quilt. A queen sized bed is 60" x 80", so a quilt that is 86" x 86" is NOT queen sized, not even close. That gives you a 3 inch overhang off the end of the bed, which would obviously look ridiculous & not keep some taller people covered. The standard size for double is 84" x 89" minimum, so this falls 3" shorter than that even, but it could pass as a double I suppose. You want to take basic bed dimensions & ensure at LEAST 14" added on the length & 28-30" added on width in order to use it as a true bedcover. If you just want to fold it & throw it at the foot, then dimensions are much less important, but since this isn’t offered as a throw, it is reasonable to expect that it is at least feasible to cover a queen or NOT be listed as queen. Maybe we all need to look into what we buy, but the seller also needs to list/represent it accurately in descriptions.

Without exaggeration, the sheet set I received today is truly and without any hesitation the most ridiculous waste of money EVER. Horrible quality. I opened the package and if it were not immediately apparent, I shoved it in the washer for a quick cycle and the seams fell apart. UGH

would like to know where these are coming from. Ordered on the 13 with several other items… everything was delivered days ago but this is missing! Woot customer service is not responding…

Very sorry for the delay in response and to hear that you haven’t received the final portion of your order

I’ve gone ahead and pinged the Woot Staff to inquire about this particular issue.

Please wait patiently while we resolve this issue.
You should hopefully see an email regarding this issue very soon.