Microgear Micro RC UFO Flying Saucer

utter crap, blades break too easily (but there so much fun too)

These things fail, 20-40 minutes charge time, 3 minutes operation time.

No offense, woot, but these things are crap.

I could see them being 3 minutes of fun (and then ten times that of charging) at a rave or rave-like party, if it were not for the noise.

Oh the humanity!

Working time: 3 minutes

No thank you.

Starts with a k ends with an s

Shouldn’t these be in kids.woot?

This may be the crap you seek…

Likely not.

Where is the Big Orange Cat??? Is this a three-day wootoff?

Great. Now it’ll never end.

I agree!

keep in mind all it can do is go up and down

dangit… i need some steak knives… but i willl be out driving for a bit… stupid ufos… go to kids woot

Here’s your BOC.

Woot Off The Red Nosed Reindeer

Before anyone asks(Aw…like anyone’ll read this), the BoC came and went on Twitter already.

Apparently this whole social media thing is a second store front for w00t…except they don’t pay a dime for it!

3 minutes of flight time up and down!!!

id rather watch grass grow, atleast i would be outside!!!

apparently they thought a 7 day long kids woot-off would be too long, so they’re listing half of it here

Son was excitedly hopping around the living room while chasing/flying this. Stepped on it 10 minutes after opening it. Snap. Dead.