Microgear Micro RC UFO Flying Saucer

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Microgear Micro RC UFO Flying Saucer
$6.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Microgear EC10184 Micro RC UFO Flying Saucer - Random Color

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These are awesome. They go up and down!

Wacky Toy Flub is this Snap?

three minutes playtime for 20-40 charge time? pass.

I guess this falls into the simple things, simple minds catagory. :slight_smile:

i got 3 of em awhile ago
1’d fan blade broke on the first landing outside (it hit a rock or something and broke)
each package comes with 1 replacement blade
it has taken 2 more crashes, and now for some reason i cant get it to take a charge no matter what position the power switches are in (both the saucer and base)

though they are semi entertaining, i wouldnt buy them again

i have 2 unused atm and plan to break…i mean, play with them… this summer :slight_smile:

I see none sold to anyone in New Mexico. Interesting…

lol. yep.

Sounds like a ringing endorsement. I’ll take none.

oooo! up and down flying saucer toy! uhm no. i considered this for my nephew for a second but i don’t think even he’d play with it.

Are we going to be seeing those japanese knives on kids.woot.com shortly?

ps. I liked the New Mexico comment

These look fun, but are a tad expensive for their value, as some people have said they break easily. If you are looking for short entertainment, meaning NOT long lasting, then go buy them! :slight_smile:

I didn’t mean to post twice but ether this computer I just got from you, Woot, has a problem or the Wootalyzer does.

So why you trying to hide the info/ouestion. Woot?

What info are we hiding?