Microgear Mini RC Helicopter



here come links… check useful linkage for the comparison links… hard to find this specific product… but i got similars to compar… this one’s a solid woot… rare for such a solid woot! to come about these days… well played wootbot.


I bought one of these at frys a few weeks ago.
I returned it for cash back.
It had a shoddy instruction manual and it was difficult to get it to fly straight. Once I did, it was very fun for about 20 minutes, and it crashed a lot. Then it broke and I returned it for cash back.


woot, imma get one for my cousin o.o!

edit: well, after hearing all the other wooters input maybe not o.o.


Air Hogs rip-off. WTF?


I’ve got a RC Chopper from RadioShack, it lasted about 10 minutes!


i wish it wasnt a bootleg version of the micro helicopter


Got it!


No forward motion?


2 or 3hr charging time, up to 10 mins flying time

hmm should be the other way around


3 hours of charging for “up to 10 minutes of flying.”

no thanks


love ths snail!


These things are great fun. 30 bucks at any retail store. Good for stocking stuffers or small xmas gifts.


Looks fun but I’d crash the hell out of it on the first fly…come on Woot Off!!


I bought one of these from ThinkGeek. It was really fun. Till it broke 15 minutes later. Don’t bother, it’s total crap.


thank the woot masters for adding the smartpost indicator.


This looks fun! Anyone know how reliable these things are?


Ha, I’m having flashbacks of the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City mission where you had to deliver bombs to a building using a RC helicopter…


Age recomendation for usage? Considering to purchase for my lil’ one.


Sold, gots to get one of these and try to shoot it down with the USB Missele launcher i got last month, yea baby…