Micron HP 128GB 6GB/s SSD Drive

Micron HP 128GB 6GB/s SSD Drive
Price: $39.99
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Condition: New


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$42 refurb on Newegg. Seems like a decent deal if you can deal with 128Gb. That runs out quickly if you are installing GTA, Crysis, SolidWorks type programs at 6+Gb/install.


Specs LINK, just click it.

I agree. For the price it’s great. The faster ones run MUCHO more bucks. ($250+)

Probably a dumb question, but can I just swap this out with the hdd in a Gateway NV53A?

looks like your link isnt good enough either.

Apparently, trivial copy paste challenged drama. “SMH” Next.

6+GB? Current fully updated / patched GTAV is 64GB. I actually saw on reddit it expands ~85GB during install, and some people with just a system and basics on their 128ssd were having issues. So yeah, no gtav here. (or only gtav)

Yep! It’s a 2.5" drive just like your current HDD so it’ll fit right in without the need for tape or anything.

This will work in a desktop too but might need some additional mounting accessories or double sided tape.

Do you really tape your drives in?

I use rubber cement.

Duct tape, FTW!