Micron HP 128GB 6GB/s SSD Drive

Micron HP 128GB 6GB/s SSD Drive
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Tuesday, Feb 02 to Friday, Feb 05) + transit
Condition: New


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Are these refurbished I assume? Or new? I don’t see that stated anywhere.

It says new but I am suspicious at this price.

Perhaps refurbished since '90 day woot warranty’s.

Review at Storage Review for the Crucial M4-- basically the same drive (also explained in the review), albeit for the 256 GB version not the 128 seen here; however, essentials remain the same.

I found that part number on Newegg and it was for a refurbished drive for 3 bucks more. Specs aren’t terrible, but they had no reviews.


My guess is these were meant to be replacements for HP laptops and now they are just selling them off. Since they’re Micron, they have a decent pedigree.

Confirmed “New” condition; but 90 Day Woot Warranty is correct.

Great - Thank you! That is a great price then!

More info over at EBay with Excellent Reviews

that’s a great write up, but it was posted on 2011. So these drives were made back in 2011? Having these sit on the shelves for 4 years going to be a problem?

I want to upgrade some laptops for my kids to use at home and I’m looking at these.

Having them sit on the shelf is not a problem as there is nothing important on the drives. However, you wouldn’t want it sitting on the shelf with your data for 4 years. You just might lose some of that precious information depending on storage conditions. Then again, probably not. :slight_smile:


Also, while this is a decent deal if price is the priority, you can get double the capacity for $20 more with much better write performance.


Not sure if it applies to the C400, but I’ve dealt with about 10 Crucial M4 SATA and mSATA drives over the years. They have firmware issues and finding a version that works consistently in your specific application can be frustrating.

I finally got them to work in my desktop, but the mSATA one in my old Thinkpad never stopped giving me headaches. Resuming from standby with no drive on the bus, etc.

Don’t recall what version I have most on but it’s certainly not the latest. That version gave me issues…

To put this in context this hard drive has a 125 write 500 read.


the hard drive in the above link has a 190 write 190 read and its 1TB for 49$

This deal is a good price for an SSD
but imho you want 500/500 read/write for a good SSD. If this is for mostly read only purpose, like gaming, it’s a good deal, but if going to be written to alot, I don’t know that it’s so great.

It’s 6Gb/s, not 6GB/s.

B is bytes, b is bits.

Come on, people, this is just careless false advertising.

Thanks for the info. 125 is atrocious. Useless for all but gaming.

Everyone says this is a great price, but it’s really not. If you shop around right now for 128GB SSDs, you’ll find numerous options under $45 that come from name brands with better read/write speeds, warranties, and more available reviews with which to inform yourself. Many of these include free shipping (again, shop around), which, considering Woot’s flat $5 shipping rate, can actually cost you less if only buying one drive.

125 is useless? BS.

Please give ONE desktop application where that is not fast enough. 99% of what you do is read, and that last 1% writing is not latency or bandwidth sensitive.

OK. Useless for what I do, which is video capture and editing.

Kill that bug !!