Microsoft 10.8" Surface 3 Tablet with Accessories

Microsoft 10.8" Surface 3 Tablet with Accessories

How do they keep selling these things for over $200?
It was crap when it came out over 5yrs ago, and it’s even more crap today.
4GB RAM? That’s utterly useless for Windows today.

They would have to pay me to take one of these off their hands.

I had one of these; it was one of my biggest buyers remorse to date.


And you know, it works for other folks who know its limitations. This unit wasn’t meant for gaming or powerhouse projects. It’s fantastic for simple stuff, photography editing, music editing, writing and more. If you’re looking for more ram and SPEED, buy a different machine instead of dogging this one.

Enjoy your weekend.



The RAM is a deal killer at this point, unfortunately. Back when these were originally released, 4gb was a little more usable, but nowadays I’m finding even 8gb constricting on my SP7 (especially since my kids have gotten older and are now logging in to the machine themselves). I didn’t find the m3 CPU to be such a big deal on my SP4 (RIP), but RAM is life. I suspect the sudden price drops are a result of the Windows 11 release, since the SP6 is the last of them to be able to run it.

(It appears that you can install ChromeOS on these via brunch, which might provide for a better experience than Windows 10.)


Is a new battery installed at the time of the refurbishment?

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A bit overpriced, IMO. $150 seems more reasonable to me.

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Can’t say for sure, but every time someone asks, the stock answer from Woot seems to be they are tested and guaranteed to work. In other words, no.

Since these are meant to be portable, battery life is paramount. One of the reasons I wouldn’t buy anything this old. No telling how much life you’ll get and replacing batteries in these sealed devices is difficult and not cost effective.


My Samsung Galaxy Note9 has 16 GB. I think this price is Way too high.

Has Woot ever acknowledged/claimed they installed new batteries on used/scratch and dent/refurbs or any other products? Not aware of it ever happening.


Give the labor and general pain in the — it would to change a battery in these, guess what the answer is!

Note 9 has 6 or 8 gbs or ram. Depending on variant.

The only phones with 16 GB of RAM are very new gaming phones. Rog phone 5, Redmagic. Although 16 gigabytes of RAM is overkill on an Android phone.

Very rare for a refurbished device to have had a battery swap. I have purchased quite a few used tablets and even PC’s. A new ultralite notebook supplied by work had LESS battery time (under 4 hour) than any tablet device I purchased used (usually > 6 hours) or used phone (over 24 hours if GPS and bluetooth turned off when not used).

  • Screen size, brightness, and resolution all matter.
  • So does bluetooth or instant on kept on.

You may want to be realistic: If a new battery is essential to you, you may never find much of a discount.
Battery life never has been a chief complaint for any of my used or refurb purchases for me. School digital management restrictions that limit function have irritated me to no end in a refurb. Even the MDM company (that did not have the school password) said the refurbisher for Woot did not do even basic reasonable work in selling to Woot. So be vigilant: Check if you do buy immediately and howl if the “refurbisher” is ever that bad. Without feedback they get away with selling crippled merchandise. Far more dire than 10% less battery life.