Microsoft 12.3" Surface Pro 7 2-in-1 Tablet

Microsoft 12.3" Surface Pro 7 2-in-1 Tablet

:popcorn: I’m just going to wait for people to complain about some meaningless spec not being up to par for them to buy this.

I will be perfectly honest, I just bought a 5th gen on Woot! and I don’t have $1,300 to spend on a computer. That said, I really like this machine.


A 256 gig hard drive isnt enough these days. You need twice that for starters and 4 times that wouldbe better.

The size of the SSD isn’t the greatest, but it isn’t bad. The thing that might keep you from upgrading to Windows 11 is the lack of TPM 2.0. Is that something that can be upgraded or software emulated? The biggest reason I’m not buying one is the price. There’s no real discount here, similar items can be purchased elsewhere for similar prices.

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Nice processor, lots of RAM. SSD could be bigger, but with so much stuff stored on cloud, not a huge issue. Main drawback is the lack of keyboard. The pen would be nice, but most users probably don’t need it. But without a keyboard, the functionality is really hampered.

Of course, if you’ve got $1200 to spend on a computer, another $100 for the type cover probably isn’t an impediment.

Can someone please explain to me why these are worth the price? Is there something I’m missing here? Is it just the portability that draws the demand? Why not just have an inexpensive iPad and a small laptop? You could buy both for the price of a comparable configured Surface Pro with keyboard.

Because an iPad or any Android powered PC can’t run the full gamut of native Windows apps. Sometimes, the desktop PC version of an app is preferable to a stripped down mobile version.

Think of these as ultra-portable Win10 laptops if that makes sense. Very thin, lightweight notebooks tend to be more expensive.

If you’re looking for one with Win10 Pro, you may want to jump on this. Lots of retailers are out of stock on these in various configurations due to the ongoing silicon, processor, etc. shortage affecting several industries. I’d expect to see elevated prices due to lack of supply as well at least for the near-term, too.

PC Connection showed they may have some configs back in stock in a few months. Really.

A coworker just needed to replace her Surface Pro 4 due to various age-related failures. She wanted 512 GB of storage. We ended up going with one from another retailer that came with Win 10 Home and bought the upgrade to Win 10 Pro because we definitely could not wait to find one that came with Win 10 Pro from the factory.

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Some people probably prefer to have one device, not two. Those people also only want one charger and one OS.

Is it worth the price? Depends on the person. While Im not buying this surface, I have considered getting one. Some of my coworkers have and love them. I can’t see myself carrying around a tablet AND laptop.