Microsoft 12.3" Surface Pro 7 Tablet

Microsoft 12.3" Surface Pro 7 Tablet

Edit: Thanks guys, didn’t notice the 128 vs 256 GB options there. It’s $60 cheaper than buying a new one from Microsoft.

Well, it’s cheaper to buy new from BB @ $799. it’s only 128GB version, woot has 256GB

So I don’t see the point of buying one with factory reconditioned with more the price.
Would defo prefer a kindle voyage/paperwhite instead of this one. Sorry mods!

Woot is selling the 256GB SSD model, which is $1,329.00 new from Best Buy, and STARTING at $929 for Open Box.

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The 256gb model, which is being sold on woot, is 1329.00 at your BB link.

FYI - woot can smell you getting your stimmy check (in the parlance of the wee lads and lasses), and lord knows I am six types of tempted to pull the trigger on this… but I fundamentally do not need a mobile computer, but need about 800+ for rebuilding my desktop. You’re breaking my heart woot!

Oh, thanks y’all; edited my post to fix the info!

Update: this was written about the original price is $839.99. it’s obviously a better deal at $779.99!


Pretty good price, but new ones are on sale right now.

I’m seeing the 256 Gb unit new for $899.99 at Best Buy and at the Microsoft Store. This deal is $60 less for refurbished.

The Microsoft Store is running a deal on bundles–$849.99 for the Surface, $50 for any Type Cover; pens optional from $64.99. This is the best deal I can see. $50 is a GREAT price for the keyboard (usually $159.99) and the Surface is $10 more for new.

No sales yet.

HUGE price drop. its a deal at $779.00

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I have this exact model (non-refurb) and love it. Add in a UAG case, a Bluetooth mouse, and a Wacom pen and it’s the best little portable computer

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Does this suffer from battery bulge? My work issued surface tablet has to be replaced due to this issue.