Microsoft 12.3" Surface Pro Tablet with Accessories

Microsoft 12.3" Surface Pro Tablet with Accessories

I love my Surface Pro 4 I7, but if you don’t like Windows 10, you may want to pass on this. Looks like Windows 11 will only be supported on Intel Gen 8 and later. If you don’t care about Windows 11, then you’ll enjoy this tablet for web, email, content consumption, even remote work (but you might want to spring for an external monitor, if only to have a second screen.) I’ve used many tablets, including Windows, Apple, Samsung and Google, and this is the best I’ve used. The pen input is solid, the keyboard is ok, but you can add any external keyboard if you don’t like it. Get a USB hub unless you’re only going to use this as a tablet. My version only has one USB port and it’s not type C. The external monitor output is mini-displayport. I haven’t used the Surface Pro 5, so no opinion there.

I would have been really excited if I could have gotten that tip kit as a separate item.

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You can buy it separately…

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I have a Surface Pro 4. It can do today what it did when sold new 5-6 years ago. Except last more than an hour on battery. Beware that remaining battery life, not processor speed or RAM is the likely (very) weak link here.


I have a pro 2. When I first got it as a gift I thought it was just another tablet from that time. I was pleasantly surprised to see just how good it was. Unfortunately battery life has slowly been deteriorating. I looked into how difficult it is to change the batter, and it is not simple. I’ve change batteries on cell phones and I don’t want to risk opening the surface, it looks that complicated. There is also the short lived keyboard life. I’m on my second touch keyboard. I am easy on computers, so I don’t understand why the keyboards only last a couple of years of very, very light use. I am still tempted by this deal.

I wish or hope Woot go an idea of the battery life left on these. I get maybe an 1-2 hrs tops now on SP4 and have gone thru at least KBs. And I have gone a bunch of chargers. I now get the cheap aftermarket ones cos the Surface chargers don’t last.

Have you Surface Pro 4 users had the screen flickering issue? It’s a design defect and I thought it affected all of them, but neither of you have mentioned it.

Have you Surface Pro 4 users had the screen flickering issue? It’s supposed to affect all of them because it’s a design defect, but no one here has mentioned it.

No screen flicker here on my SP4. Just crap battery life now and failure of Surface Chargers.

I just can’t see spending this much on an SP4. I owned an SP4, and the SP7 is just a much better tablet overall due to the addition of USB-C, never mind the improved wifi and the better performance. As others have noted, you’re also really taking it in the chin vis a vis battery life, which isn’t even all that amazing when the battery is new.

Thank you, but I was too slow and missed it. That was a tips and pen deal, really nice. I have the pen I bought from Microsoft and it did not come with a mix of tips.

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It will look good with my Recycled Ocean plastic mouse that Microsoft is supposed to send me soon.