Microsoft 13.5" i5 256GB Surface Laptops

Microsoft 13.5" i5 256GB Surface Laptops

These look to be cheaper on the mothership…? Is there a difference in specs I’m missing?

Good question!

I bought an i7 Surface book about 2 months after launch and used it since. A couple of thoughts I have:

I would not advise anyone buy this. For the price, you get sub-par performance at best. There are much better i5 deals out there, especially at the 900 price point. The fancy graphic cards is NOT rated for Inventor or Revit, so you cannot run either of those without making 10 different adjustments to the setting. This is NOT an engineering laptop, it is a video editing one at best.
The main selling point of the surface book was being a convertible. Unfortunately the screen is way to big (and heavy) to use as a tablet, which is not the worst problem. The big issue is that the screen and base constantly attach and detach randomly. I can not tell you how many times I have been typing something only to realize that the key board is not working. Had I not spent some much money on this, I would have gotten a new one years ago.


Dude calm down Jar323232… this is a Surface Laptop not the Surface Book. Two entirely different items.

I can’t tell you whether the laptop is good, but this is definitely not the detachable tablet surface book you bought. This is a laptop.


Hey all! Our buyer was able to secure a better deal from our vendor! Hooray!!!

If you already purchased, that money will hop back into your pocket soonish.

Now, buy ALL the Surface Tablets!!!

You get a full blown laptop with decent specs and it comes with W10s? I realize you can install full W10 but the fact that it doesn’t come with it shows how hard MS is trying to force their version of the walled garden on us. I’d install Mint anyway but still!

Can someone who OWNS one of these tell me if there is a fan inside? MS gave me gobbledegook about a silent “hybrid fan.” I want to use one for recording in a studio, as I am doing with a Surface 3. It needs to be SILENT. TIA. John