Microsoft 13.5" i5 Surface Laptop 2 (NEW)

Microsoft 13.5" i5 Surface Laptop 2 (NEW)

Whether or not these are a good deal is besides the point because oof, the ISO keyboard is a deal-breaker. If you’re used to the ANSI layout in the US, ISO is just different enough to throw you off; basically the keys your pinkies hit are different, and that’s a bigger deal than you might realize, considering they have to hit Shift and Enter.

And that doesn’t even get into the fact that the legend on the keycaps is different, which is even more confusing. Even though you can choose a different layout in the OS, you then have to memorize what the keys will output because it doesn’t match the legend.

A few years back I bought one of those “new unsold stock” Chromebook Pixels (2013) from a UK reseller, which was a decent deal at the time, but they came with the UK-layout ISO keyboard. Like I wrote above, even though it’s an English layout, it’s just different enough to make it a chore to type on compared to every other keyboard I’ve ever used (all of them being ANSI.)

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I nearly hit the trigger on this- thanks for pointing out. I was also going to ask if the memory can be upgraded, on the machine itself,by that i mean, not ordering it that way, doing it yourself?

Iso as in basketball iso :smiley:

They be new…But they are not the newest…The last generation or two have WIFI 6 and that makes a significant difference…

Reads to be onboard, so unless you have a reflow table and know how to solder… no end user upgrade.