Microsoft 1661 Dock Station

Microsoft 1661 Dock Station

Helpful info from Microsoft

I have this for my Surface Book. It has a lot of problems with random disconnects even after all patches and firmware updates, so much so it’s now just a book weight.

Got mine yesterday and hooked it to the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 i5 128GB Bundle (S&D) I bought on Woot and I am really happy with the pair!

I now have 5 USB ports available instead of 1, a wired Ethernet connection and a better way to connect a second monitor. I also hooked my speakers into it so that the Surface is truly untethered, I can just unplug the dock connection and go. I have left my mouse connected to the USB on the Surface because I prefer a mouse over a touchpad.

The master plan is that I will hook the Surface to this hub for working at home, and I still have the power supply that came with the Surface for use away from my desk. I’m really thinking of getting a “real” keyboard for the desk so that I can work like an adult when I am at the desk.

Next stop monitor upgrade.

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