Microsoft 250GB Hard Drive for Xbox 360

I don’t know why, but I have this strange feeling that this is built to only work for the Xbox 360. I don’t think it will work on my PC, and no…it’s not compatible with your mac.

Will this work as a regular HDD for a computer?

Eh, since the new Xbox 360 came out, the use of the older hard drive is going to be significantly less. Oh well, if there is someone out there to buy it, I’m sure Woot will find them.

go figure this goes up on woot the day after my 360 red rings…

in for 1

You know, I feel like I need this, but I’ve not actually filled my 20 gig 360 drive in the years that I’ve had it.

Just immediately forwarded this to my roommate. As per his experience-- you may find one cheaper, but navigating the Chinese characters will be less than easy.

can you take the hard drive from this and put it in the new slim XBOX 360s?

At the risk of sounding stupid, will I be able to get the game data off my current hard drive when I replace it with this one?

Pretty sure there’s a 2.5" HDD in there.

the hdd will work on a laptop

$129.99 at Microsoft:

Just went out and dropped 320 bucks on a new 360 because I wanted a new hard drive which was 129 and walmart had a 75$ gift card with a new xbox.

Best deal I’ve ever seen for one this size. Especially if it includes the transfer kit. And Xmas shipping for $5? Hell yes.

Nope, says right in the description–Compatible only with Xbox 360 consoles; not compatible with Xbox 360 S (aka “New Xbox 360” released summer 2010)–sorry

I got a 120 and it is much better than the 20 mine came with. I got like 11 Gigs left and download a lot of movies from the marketplace. Makes me sad that that was $175 a couple years ago. Now this one is twice as big for $50…Might just HAVE to upgrade at that price.

this is a steal for almost 70 dollars less than retail

Let me google that for you!

from $51 new on ebay. free shipping