Microsoft Bluetooth IntelliMouse Explorer


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I’ve already got more mice than I’ll ever need. How about a bag o’ crap?!?


The toaster was interesting. But it’s nice to be back to tech stuff. Nice WOOT!

Great price for a bluetooth mouse …especially this model… Looks like the lowest for this model on froogle is $60… … Great Deals, coupon codes and freebies.


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BTW, nice mouse but my corded laser intellimouse explorer works fine and dandy.[size=18:3e13c1be43][color=red:3e13c1be43] Now… How about a WOOT OFF, BOC or…gasp…more SPEAKERS!!! Bring 'em on! [/color] [/size:3e13c1be43] :stuck_out_tongue:



YEAH!!! TECH STUFF :slight_smile:


about same price in ebay :roll:
$23.99 here----> (refurbished different model without the tilt wheel)




Cool! Blue!


What the… I don’t need it. Means that it sucks. More RAM in the mouse damnit.


usually i love the woots, but this one seems a bit overpriced. You can get similar for a few bucks cheaper. Then again the shipping is probably more so it will balance out.


I have always wanted one of those new red x mice


oh neat a mouse


i’ve never seen a blue/black mouse that really looks like a little white box w/ a red X in it before :wink:


I got this mouse its great!



I think it’s this one


froogles got you beat 28.00$


eBay’s cheaper…5 bucks shipping too


Price range: $61.69 - $88.25

Strengths: good looking, bluetooth usb key included, but since my laptop has bluetooth build-in, it is kinda waste for me

Weaknesses: not good for gaming which requires prompt and accurate aiming in continuous tiny movements.

Summary: Beautiful mouse! Mouse would be just fine for anyone not intending to play fps games. Mouse movements are jumpy when moving the mouse around at a very slow speed. I will be forced to buy the wired version just for gaming.

Edit: Returned product after only a week of use. Pointer lag got too frustrating! Gamers BEWARE!

more reviews here

World Of Deals


is blue tooth really worth it?
how would this compare with the logitech mx 1000?


not the same mouse.
look at the model number… :roll: