Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam

No e-delivery of the code? For reals? You’re actually going to ship a box with a printed code for a digital download item… /FAIL

That’s actually really hilarious.

currently $24.99 on steam. and no, it appears this is a DLC key, not going to ship you a disc… steam wouldn’t even know what to do with that.

buuuuuuttt woot is still gonna charge you for shipping, so… $24.99 - $13.77 = $11.22 savings. hmm…

I’m aware they’re not gonna ship a disc… but they’re not doing e-delivery of the steam key, they’re physically shipping a steam key. The ignorance here is online sale, online receipt of the item, but are going to go to the expense of physically shipping you a key that could just be sent via email or amazon message or recorded in your account so you can go retrieve it from your account.

Free shipping for Amazon Prime members.

The idea of paying for this is lunacy. I really want this, but can’t support this delivery method. I just can’t.

it’s woot… they are just getting rid of physical things that have already been created and didn’t sell at full price. If it was a purely digital item it wouldn’t be here in the first place.

I just went to order this, and logged into Woot using my Amazon Prime account. The bottom of the review your order page says standard shipping is free with Prime, but the right hand side of the same page shows $6 shipping and adds it into the price.
Will be passing for now since it should not cost $6 to ship a piece of paper to redeem a digital only item.

ordered 2 as prime member cost 0 for shipping.

Hi all. In this case, you will be shipped the DLC.

I really want this, but shipping a piece of paper for $6?!
No. Absolutely NOT!

It’s closeout inventory, so the paper was already printed. We’re just helping get rid of it efficiently. So either you buy the paper, someone else buys the paper, or at some point someone will have to destroy the paper. Why not derive some value, recycle it properly, and then the world stays an amazing place?

(See, those who know anything about Woot knows our business model is largely based around excess inventory. Funny thing about digital goods? No inventory at all, so there can’t really be excess. Also, we don’t have a digital software codes management and fulfillment system, so if someone wants to sell us one of those cheap…)

Hmmm, that’s a bug. Are you using the Login with Amazon button to log in?

So this is the simulation software that will teach me to fly Bombardiar turbo props?

Take off is the easy part. You can practice your loops in this too. Just don’t expect to land…

Does this work with Mac?

Won’t give me my free Amazon Prime shipping. Rip off.

WTH! 6.95 for a shipped CODE? Come on! You used to have better deals, woot, now it’s just crap!