Microsoft Ladies Tote Laptop Bag – Manhatten

This bag is the shiznit. Totes McGotes.

A european carry all!


how to sell a lot of products to a mostly male demographic: sell something with “ladies” in the title describing the item.

oh, i mean the opposite.

Ahem - Manhattan.

No netbook for me… :frowning:

Another hour I’d say…

Manufacturer Website

And for something new, Google shopping results for the thing, that show it going for $39 - $63

Bag of Crap
Crap of Bag?

Isn’t it spelled Manhattan?

Is this pleather? It looks like it would have that nasty chemical smell. I’m in the market for one but I’ll hold out for nylon or microfiber.

when did a laptop bag become sexed?

(My) biggest determining factor in buying a computer “purse” - is WEIGHT of the purse. By the time a laptop is added, a leather bag could be 8-10 pounds digging into your shoulder.

“Bart. Make Legs a Manhattan.”

Going to be awhile for a new item…

meeting time…

what are you mehing about? this is a great buy. and before you ask, no, it isn’t a purse. it’s a satchel. Indiana Jones had one, and he singlehandedly defeated the nazis. That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

For that price, I bought 2. :slight_smile: 1 gift 1 for me for travel. I have a Coach all leather beauty that I don’t want to take a beating. It fits the laptop and netbook and this should too. Bless the netbooks, they’re so small. :slight_smile:

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Microsoft Ladies Tote Laptop Bag – Manhatten
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I was gonna get three of these but they’re “ladies”…