Microsoft LifeCam USB 2.0 Webcam

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Microsoft LifeCam USB 2.0 Webcam
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I have this one at home. It’s in a box somewhere.

good cause I need some, lets see if it has Mac drivers

I want to say this is a pretty good deal, but I don’t know how much web cams run anymore.

Any previous wooters, comment on this! I’m looking to replace a busted, cheap, old webcam. Not looking for studio quality, but I don’t want chaff either.

also, +10 for mentioning the :CueCat in the writeup, -1 for spelling! :wink:

Doesn’t need driver to run this on a Mac. Plug and play.

Not a bad price; usually $40

AND I’M AWAKE AGAIN…too bad i don’t need this item!

I miss the variety of stuff, I feel like we see the same things cycled through wootoffs over and over again :-/



$16.55 on Amazon for the same thing (pretty much) - free shipping if you have Prime. Makes the price pretty much comparable, so not a great deal…

I have this. I didn’t get it on woot I got it at fry’s. It was definitely more than $9.99. Probably close to $40 when I got it. I don’t use it enough though to justify the purchase. It currently resides in a box. But then again, I just use a laptop for anything I would need a face-aimed camera for when I’m 'puting.

Wow, no Weiner jokes yet. Maybe there’s hope for the forums yet :slight_smile:

is compatiable with Win7. That’s what I am looking to replace. Old logitech camera.

It’s pretty low-res, perfect for my ugly mug, they THINK they can see! LoL

Here you go young ladies. Now you can webcast yourself having some “personal time” like that boyfriend you’re in love with has been begging you to do for him. Don’t worry I’m sure he’d never betray your trust and record it and plaster it all over for all to see. I mean who does that?

Ah, I posted too soon. In between reading and hitting “Post” someone did.

only classy trolls here, friend.

Do you have a different camera you use for non face-aimed 'puting? :3

looks like ebay has these for about 15-17$ with free shipping, so this is a good deal if you’re buying more than one. Would have bought 2 myself if the savings was a little better