Microsoft LifeCam USB 2.0 Webcam

Thank you.

I bought this webcam several months ago. Decent, but definitely worth the $15. I would guess thats at least $5 less than you’d find it anywhere else.
Plus it comes with some pretty fun little graphics - likes glasses, hats, masks, etc that follow your head/face.
Not going to be doing any major YouTube channel broadcasts, but works for keeping in touch with people occasionally.

ya it’s a flip. i aim it at my face when necessary.

I’ve been calling it that for years.

I keep buying webcams in matching pairs thinking of experimenting with 3D video, forget about getting the software to do it, then having one of them break, necessitating buying two more.

I should just buy three. I just haven’t broken one of the last pair yet.

How many MP is this? I don’t see it anywhere.

It looks like the Death Star, only it’s not gray.

Cool, just received a woot purchase and see it comes in an attractively decorated box!
Now I’m ready for a big purchase so I can get a large woot box!

I guess it’s not about the stuff, but the box (and pkg) it comes in.

Win-7 will automagically detect and load the proper driver.


two tacos down, one to go.

Personally, I feel chaff is under-rated…

As a linux user I’d never buy anything Micro$oft even as a gag gift.

Got 3, now you get some.

I actually don’t mind the same stuff, when I’m looking for some of that stuff… I’m dying for a GPS. I’ve been planning some long cross the state bicycle routes (159 miles to watch the sun rise over the water on Michigan’s east side, and watch it set over the water on the west side) that I need something like that for. And to think, I’d have been able to sleep yesterday if I’d paid attention during the first hour!

Decided to nab one. My only form of webcam at the moment is through Skype on my iPhone. It’s pretty miserable to use. Figure having this laying around would do me some good.

Why are the lights flashing?

You know who would love these? Hipsters. The irony of the product must produce synesthesia.

You’re looking to replace a “busted, cheap, old webcam”? Surprising, but cool: I have a busted, cheap, old webcam I would be only too happy to sell! It’s same same age as my CueCat (I really do have a coupe of those.)

If any of you are interested in the cam’s quality (or it’s fun features), boy, do I have a live show for you!

But seriously, I set up a live stream on if youre interested.

And, dont worry. There will be no [Anthony] Weiner

my cat baby says “hi woot!”