Microsoft MN-700 Wireless 802.11g 4 Port Router


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Hey Ryan, I got first. I even had time to type all this. Now go kill yourself. This item sux0rs anyways.


Wooty woot


This item isn’t bad, since Microsoft is discontinuing their wireless product line, don’t expect too much support. :slight_smile: It’s a nice item though, the only one I know of that doesn’t have issues.


No thanks.


nothin too special, why did i stay up? maybe second




no good at all…


I was looking forward to th MP3 watch. Oh well.

11th post?


Nothing too special… an OK deal, but it’s discontinued and I don’t need another AP. And it’s made by microsoft. I’m out.


I wouldn’t worry about support on this. I have this exact base station and I paid 50 for it at best buy last xmas.

It’s very nice.

The assman should get one of these for his cable net…


got it, but even with cable the pages are super slow to load… Beats my old wireless B router seeing as my new laptop has a 54g in it…



I’ve been planning on setting up an 11g for my GF. Good thing I’ve been holding off purchasing a router until now.

This little POS should do fine for my GF. :lol:


Wootilicious! :!:

Too bad I can’t make use of it…or can I? Maybe as a doorstop…oh wait, that was yesterday’s Woot! :stuck_out_tongue:


This is not a woot deal, you can get the same on eBay for about the same, the price is only better by (at most) $10. I actually do need this product but a refurbished router with almost the same price as the normal one. No thanks.

Woot price: 29.99 + 5.00 (shipping) = 34.99

A good deal though is a flat screen for free :stuck_out_tongue:


I bought one for me and one for my sister. I hope she needs one? Explaim why you love the tella tubbies so much?Ya Ya, nice name, dork.


YUCKY POO POO! (sorry for the strong language)
1st its MicroSoft and 2nd its only an ok so so price.

Not Tonight Woot. :frowning:


one of the worst networking products out there. wow what can I say, first of all, this is for a home where no one cares about DMZ of fowarding ports, if you need just to hook up a few computers it will work fine but if you need remote access or gaming online this router sucks for it. my recommendations for any router would be go with linksys. bets ever made by a name you can trust.


i bought why i dont know i just figured iid be a nice upgrade to my linksys befsr41 . price not too hot though oh well whats done is done.