Microsoft MN-700 Wireless 802.11g 4 Port Router


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first. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure, these things are coming down in price, but it sure seems like it is worthwhile at $20.




is this thing really worth it? I guess what I mean, running a dual G5 would it work for me? I’m venturing to say no.


my one woot purchase ever was one of these, and it stinks. it crashes every 24 hrs :frowning:


Well, I’ll give this one a shot. You can’t buy a router for $25, though I do agree that MS stuff is not really the best there is.

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Oh, and KC…told you I’d be here. :slight_smile:


woot is mad buggy tonight


ya HOO :shock: COW got first 8)


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Anything wrong with this? Looks like a good deal.


I got one.


how come the forums are so messed up?


I have 2 of these routers and they both work great! I have never had a problem with either of my Microsoft routers and they only took 5 minutes each to setup. I have one of them setup as my main router and the other one is setup as a wireless relay station to boost the wireless signal coverage so its coverage is 900 feet indoors.
I also have my 3 laptops and 2 desktops on the wireless network.

I would highly recommend this router to everyone.

Even though I have 2, I really really want to buy another one!


Dammit woot give me answers!!!


Very buggy.


Good Deal? I dunno… :?: 1st page . ouch




i heard the signal drops and there are troubles with this… confirm?


:oops: tee hee


Hope they work. I got three