Microsoft MN-720 Wireless 802.11g Notebook Adapter


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First? Not bad.


sooo cheeaaappp…soo tempting!








another horrible microsoft networking product


Again if it wasn’t MS i would hop all over it…


Not a bad match for the router last week but i do not have a laptop. Good price though.




i don’t have a laptop!


Not a WOOT deal… :?
Its available for 21.39 + 5 (S&H) at HP.


I’ve been to and well, I am not impressed. If woot is going to become (or always was) TechBlowouts clearnce site or whatnot, I can see woot’s wuality going down .

Oh well, if I needed one I’d probally et it still…


A perfect match to the last Woot! Good job guys. You just made my life easier. I’m looking forward to enjoying the freedom of wireless connectivity throughout the house.


Deal: Microsoft MN-720 Wireless 802.11g Adapter $15 at Click Here
Discuss (19) Posted 2:51 PM PDT 9/11/04 by Ben has the Microsoft MN-720 Wireless 802.11g Notebook Adapter for $15. In-store pickup only. On clearance because Microsoft is ending their consumer marketing product line. [BizRate]


Probably a good deal, but I have nothing that uses PCMICA, so no woot! for me tonight.

See you next time, same woot! time same woot! channel.


How so? I’ve had the 802.11b version for about a year and it’s worked flawlessly ever since first sticking it in. No setup problems and never any connection problems. I’d assume the 802.11g card would be similar in quality.


Sweet - called it again. Check the last post in the previous forum.


ms products = crashes
anyway I want a blue tooth adapter, rather than a wifi g adapter. (Already inbuilt wifi b in my laptop, and wifi g wont matter because our max internat connection is 3Mbps and wifi b handles upto 10mpbps. may be korean guys will be interested in this, as they have 25mbps lines in theis homes!!!


Why. you sneaky little bastards! You’ve been laughing about this little plot ever since you posted the router on Friday morning.