Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

Woot baby

I LOVE my ergonomic keyboard. Been using them since they first came out.

Missed this cause woot logged me out, and by the time i had logged in, it was gone. Thanks woot.

There’s still keyboards available :slight_smile:

Edit: Whoa. Apparently not.

I just did a double take because this is the keyboard I was assigned at work. I was like, “Why does this look so familiar?” Then I looked down.

Son of a GUN… Missed it, and can always use a spare. Grrrr…

Me, too. Which is why I already have 2 in reserve. I can’t spend on another at this time. GREAT price, though.

I was just looking at this on the Zon a week or so ago. I’m glad I waited.

I have a fancier MS ergonomic now but it’s wireless and stuff is starting to act funny.

I love a wireless mouse because it’s more comfy, but I don’t think it matters as much on the keyboard. I guess I’ll find out!

Nice thing about having this keyboard at work is that nobody wants to try to use your computer. LOL

I just want to apologize for posting something negative here earlier in the day. I was so excited to get one and then only to have it canceled I was quite disappointed…

These keyboards definitely help with my Carpel Tunnel…

This keyboard is quite comfortable, but I’m really use to the short key press keys like my sculpt or most laptops, and this keyboard feels “squishy”.

I gave it about 1/2 a day and then, knowing I had an “OK” keyboard took my sculpt apart to really clean it out. It seems to have helped.

At least now I have a good backup keyboard!