Microsoft Notebook Cooling Base

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Microsoft Notebook Cooling Base
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Great deal for those who didn’t buy these for $7.99 last month.

That being said, I did buy this last month, and it’s worked fine. Happy with what I got.

No blueberry?!

At those dimensions it should handle a 15 to 15.5 inch non-widescreen laptop, or thereabouts.

We discovered that they also work great on XBox’s and Cable TV boxes in cabinets with little air flow. As long as the device has a USB jack you can put this under it to help move air.

$29.95 from Microsoft site…I am in for three

I have one of those on my lap right now! I like it!

Got one of these on Amazon a while back. Not too bad or too flimsy. You get what you expect for the price. However the fan had one drawback. Sitting on the carpet it drew in a small piece of carpet. Like really small. 1cm long. It jammed the fan. I ended up having to get little pliers to pluck it out. Work fine after. But beyond that, I had it for a few months now, and no major problems.

Bought two of these the last time they came up. Using one of them right now and I have to say it works. It keeps my computer about 10 degrees cooler than without. They’re nice, they prop up for desk use and you can put the kickstand up and turn 90 degrees to use it in your lap.

Meh at best. I suppose it helps keep my laptop slightly cooler, but it’s too easy to block the intake with your lap. The stand doesn’t lock, so it’s too easy to collapse if using as a laptop. It’s probably priced about what it’s worth, but I find myself wanting a better one.

Yes, if your laptop has an air intake right in its center.

I’ve NEVER seen one with an intake in the center!


Don’t buy one of these unless you have a Windows laptop.

Mac’s are actually designed to dissipate heat so you would just be wasting your money.

I was wondering why there were only 10 comments 5 minutes after the new woot.
Then I remembered how lonely I am.

Looks a little small for desktop, sooooooooooooooooo I’m in for 3!

Video review


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Ok, here’s what I’m told. The warehouse monkeys got mad that their banana break was delayed by inventorying these cooling pads. They ran out early and didn’t finish counting.

I’ve been told that you should check back later in the morning (say after 10am CST) to see if that color is available.

Sorry for the inconvenience but those Monkey Unions are heck to deal with.

I’m going to wait until there are fewer color choices. Otherwise it’s too confusing.

Lots of Love over at Amazon.

Asked myself the same thing…
Now, honestly, how many of us picked up our laptops to check even though we knew there were no vents located in the center of the back?

BTW - Lenovo ThinkPad does have vents in the center of the bottom. So much for what I knew.