Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016

So one of the screenshots of this is basically an advertisement for another product in the form of an explanation why Office 365 is better in every way? Gutsy move, Woot.

Is this another one of Microsoft 1 year versions?

That’s just what the back of the box looks like.

Nope, it’s permanent ownership for one copy on one PC, although I’ve heard actually getting the download from Microsoft can be a hassle.

For clarification–this is one license for one device, correct?

I really like Office365. You always have the latest version, it’s affordable monthly, and each license allows install on 5 devices (including mobile devices.) You really can’t beat that.

Finding a good deal on Office is tough. Getting only one install on one PC is the big catch here. I upgrade my laptop every 2~3 years and until now have upgraded Office every 7~10 years.

Now that doesn’t work. Microsoft is pushing to get everyone like me on Office 365. I’ll have to spend $700 over 10 years in order to get what I want. Before I could get a 2 or 3 seat home license for $200~$300. It would last me 10 years and survive several PC purchases.

Don’t be fooled. Office 365 is not a good deal. The cost of MS Office for users like us has doubled. This is just rent vs. own for software.

Correct, this is for one PC.

Office 2016 has little new in the way of compelling features unless you have fully bought into the Microsoft account/live/onedrive/ecosystem. It’s just more expensive, and functionally, Office 2010 will do just fine. (Former microsoftie here, and even when 2013 was free it wasn’t worth the effort. And now with the large increases in price, it’s even less compelling…)

Get file compatibility and 90% of the interface/controls for free with LibreOffice…

Or get file compatibility and 60% of the interface/controls with Google docs for free or $50/yr for corp…

No one really notices if you’re not using “genuine” Microsoft Office anymore, because the alternatives are really good. Why waste the coin?

Seeing multiple sites w/prices pretty close to this one:
$115 at
$119.94 at
$119.99 at

So this is a ‘little’ cheaper than some of the lower price sites out there.

This isn’t a great deal. If you have an .edu email address, you’re better served getting the student office 365 version, $80 for 2 computers for 4 years with 1 TB online storage.

This thing goes for $115 usually every day of the week.

As for people whining about rent vs buying software: If you upgrade every time a new version of office comes out, you’re still paying the same amount with 365, and buying the office pro is a 2 machine license for that $300, I sincerely doubt “MR 10 years office” is still using office 2003.

You can also deactivate the licenses online when you upgrade, so it’s not like changing machines hurts you by “renting.”

For my needs I can get away with just using OpenOffice and Google Drive rather than full fledged MS Office. What do you actually get with “real” office nowadays that you cannot get open source?