Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016

How does one qualify as a student? What documentation is required? Is this license for the life of the device, one year, or what?

The student part doesn’t matter, it’s Home and Student, so for Home users also. This is the no frills license. It’s a standalone forever license (for ONE machine only), it does not expire.

This is also $30 less than OEM copies, so this is a good deal.

Pricey for a one-machine suite that does not contain Outlook, Publisher or Access.

This is a good value over OEM price as another wooter already mentioned. As an aside, though, if you work for a large company you might check with your Human Resources liaison to see if your company participates in Microsoft’s Home Use Program (HUP). You can get insanely deep discounts on the full office suite with the Home Use Program.

Yup… got mine for 9.99 thru my works HUP.

Alternately, if you are a student, you may also have it available on the cheap. Such as free, for instance, as was the case for me!

My university switched to only offering Office 365 licenses - which, as it is an ongoing monthly subscription, they can deactivate once you are no longer a student. Booooo. I will hold out from subscription office for as long as possible!