Microsoft Portfolio Laptop Bag

This page has the inner dimensions: 10.75"x14"x1.25".


At random intervals this will turn blue and drop your laptop on the ground.

However, if you upgrade to Bag7, if you move stuff inside it to the corners they’ll resize and stick.

FAA approved bags need to be able to open and lie flat, so no, this does not appear to fit the bill as it’s a sleeve type bag. says that there is no such thing as a ffa approved bag. You may slow the line down, but as long as the bag can fit in the overhead or under the seat in front of you, that it’s allowed.

LOL! FAA Approved Laptop bags. Stop scaring people.

You can fly on a plane with any type of laptop bag you wish as long as it fits within normal carry on sizes for your airline. When going through airport security most types of bags require you to removethe laptop from the bag and shoved through the X-Ray machine in it’s own plastic tray. The only kind that allow you to toss it through the machine without taking it out of the bag that are practical are the little laptop sleves. But I wouldn’t do major travel on a plane with just a laptop sleve if I were you.

I own a business taht does IT auditing of companies for a living and travel with several laptops through airline security…regular bags, nylon laptop bags, backpacks, military water tight pelican cases and others. You’ll be fine with this bag.

Oh yeah…IN FOR 3!

Sure, as long as your Mac is 15.4" or smaller.

is that price accurate? if so i’m saving like $240 on this bag

TSA on “Checkpoint Friendly” Laptop Bag Procedures

This bag’s showing up on Google for anywhere from $30 to $170. That’s a pretty big price spread, but they’re easy to find down around 30-35 bucks. So, this is still an okay deal as far as price goes.

I just gaffed one of those Aspire 10" netbooks with the DVD Burner/Accessory kit just a few days ago, so, what the heck. I’m in for one for the yet to arrive netbook and the accessory kit.

4.5lbs empty…that seems kinda heavy… figure 5-8 for the Laptop not including charger and gear

Is this too large of a bag for the Acer Aspire One 10.1 netbook from woot?

anyone know if it will work on a 15.6 laptop…i just looked at my laptop and realized its .6 not .4

For someone that owns an IT firm, you should know better. As someone linked above, there is a TSA-approved laptop bag style that allows you to leave the laptop in the bag at the time of screening. There are many practical options for laptop bags that are TSA-approved styles that are NOT sleeves.

In fact, sellout.woot had one of the TSA-approved style bags a few months back here. I bought one of those and really love it… I have yet needed to take my laptop out of the bag for screening. It is also quite practical … zip out the bottom, lay it flat, pick it up on the other size of the scanner and go. With the design of the bag you don’t even have to zip it back up until its convenient for you.

The bag being sold today is NOT one of the TSA-approved bags, meaning that while you CAN take it on the plane with you, you WILL have to take your laptop out of the bag for security screening.

I bought this for the Acer Netbook. I travel with a Kindle, and the Acer has some accessories to go with it on the road. I think the extra room will be perfect.

I wish someone would answer the previous question as to would it fit a laptop with a 15.6 inch screen. If it would, I would definitely get it. But after reading the previously posted inside measurements, I don’t know if it would or not. HELP!

Would my my 15" macbook pro fit in this bag? Oh the paradox that would cause!

Since you read the posted inside measurements why don’t you grab a tape measure and figure it out for yourself. My guess is that all 15.6 inch screen laptops are not exactly the same dimensionally.

Does it come in “bluescreen blue”?

well if the inside dimensions are: 10.75"x14"x1.25", im going to say that itd be a tight fit for even a 15.4" lsptop and that your 15.6" probably will not fit in this. sorry.

Doing some rough calculations, the internal diagonal measurement is a bit over 17.5", so I think any 15"-class laptop should fit well enough. Of course, with the exact internal dimensions available, he can just measure his laptop (or look up the specs) to see if it fits.