Microsoft Surface 3 10" 64G Tablet (S&D)

Just wondering, if they have many scratch and dent? Since it’s a very cheap price? Also do they have it on screen to? Are the in excelent working conditions

Thanks and cheers

A very good deal if it’s working in my opinion. Best screen that we can get for under 100 bucks tablet.

I’ve always been tempted to buy scratch and dents from woot due to awesome prices. May push the button on this one. Does anyone experience in purchasing scratch and dent?

Yeah- I would be in for a couple of these if the screen was in decent shape. The X7-Z8700 is an atom processor, but with relatively decent performance with a passmark of 1901. 2GB of RAM is kind of limiting, especially when shared with graphics pushing a 1920x1280 screen. I would still take a chance if I knew the screen wasn’t beat to hell.

Receive mine in practically new condition. Scarcely a hint it was ever used! now, why are the keyboards so expensive!

Mine came in today, some scratches around the edge of the screen in the black area, but none that I could see in the display portion of the screen.

Some scuffs on the back metal pieces but no gouges, just looks like normal wear and tear.

Totally acceptable for a sub $100 unit.

True - keyboards are so expensive! did you find anything compatible and around 50?