Microsoft Surface 3 10" 64GB Tablet

Microsoft Surface 3 10" 64GB Tablet

I’d like to double check that this indeed does come with a type cover. It’s listed under “in the box” but I see no mention of it anywhere else. I need a device for my kindergarteners impending virtual school year and will need a keyboard.


Hi there. I confirmed that the type cover is included.

I’m confused. My order arrived today and even though instructions for a new Windows key was included, there was no key to be found. Please advise.


Edit: Apologies. I found it. In general I’m not this stupid.

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To those that purchased this, what was the quality of the refurb?


I, too, was hoping for a quick review of the refurb condition but I pulled the trigger anyway. Unfortunately, 6 days to process the order (really?) and another 6 days to ship means delivery of this item should occur one day after this deal ends. Figured on taking a chance for a small, travel friendly device for uber-basic web browsing, etc., especially since a typecover/keyboard and pen is included. FWIW, it looks like the MS Authorized Refurbisher is located in Toronto.

Upon doing research for the Microsoft Surface line of tablets and laptops, the only one that comes close to matching the specs on this is the Surface Go. Can it be confirmed that this is really a refurbished Surface Go and not a Surface 3, which is new and starts at $1300 and only comes in a 13.5" or 15" width screen size? Is Woot being disingenuous to market this as a Surface 3?

Also, none of the MS Surfaces run an Intel Atom processor. Is this part of the refurbishment and will Microsoft provide any level of support for this refurbished tablet if purchased?

And last thing, the product description says you can “click your Surface into the dock,” but I see no dock mentioned in the specs “In the box” section or shown in any images. Is the dock included or not, and if not, why not mention this in the description?

Edit: This is based on the 2014 Microsoft Surface 3 tablets. My bad. But my other questions are still valid on support and what’s in the box.