Microsoft Surface 3 10.8" 4G LTE Tablet

I have three Surface 3s but not one like this. Should I or shouldn’t I?
From experience, I know that they are fantastic machines. For each of mine I have the screen cover/keyboard and I have several of the MSFT docking stations that add Ethernet and a bunch of other input/output connectivity options in seconds.
Well, might as well pull the trigger.

Uh… this sounds excessive.

I bought one of these in June 2017 from Woot.
They are very good tablets in New Condition. However, these are NOT UNLOCKED.
They are locked to ATT and ATT will not unlock them. I tried with ATT and waited for three weeks, and ATT said that they cannot unlock the device because it is not registered with a current ATT service.
I went to two online services and paid to unlock the device and I received refunds from both companies because they cannot unlock the device.

I like the device very much because it is portable and easy to carry in planes for international travels and can be easily charged with a charging bring via USB. However, I have to buy a 4G/LTE adapter from Amazon for about $120.00 to use the device overseas without Wi-Fi.


Unlocked version at the Mothership, new for $20 more.

Hey Woot!..are these locked to AT&T as mentioned above, or not?

We’re checking with the vendor. Until we hear back, we’ve changed it to AT&T only.

I’m sorry for the problems you’re having. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Is 2Gb RAM good enough? I have an old 4GB RAM laptop that dies Everytime I open chrome or Firefox

I’ve not had a problem running any of the Surface 3 machines despite the relatively (in modern day terms) low amount of RAM available on them. That said, I use core programs such as the MSFT browser tailored to them rather than trying to jam Firefox down their throat (that browser is using more than 500-meg on the laptop I’m typing on now–not a problem as I have 16-gig RAM, much of it devoted to cache.)

All of the Surface 3s that I have run win10 without a problem as well as the Office apps that I bother using.

I know that they won’t hold down a stack of newspapers in a windstorm; but, why would I ask them to do something obviously beyond their capability?

2GB RAM isn’t enough for Windows

2GB wasn’t really enough 10 years ago (except for the most basic things), still isn’t now. My phone from 3-4 years ago had 50% more than that. :slight_smile:

Have you heard from the vendor yet? I received a pleasant reply from Customer Service saying they were checking with Fulfillment, but nothing since. The listing I responded to said it was an unlocked new computer. When it arrives at my doorstep today, what should I do? Refuse Delivery?

If you buy a device outright, not under a contract, AT&T will unlock the device. It is a simple online form request for the unlock code. Any device no longer under contract, same thing.

Okay, I received my computer this middle of the day and received permission from Woot to open it. As the original offer said, it is a new machine.
It came with an ATT SIM installed. Without ever booting the machine,I removed that micro chip and replaced it with the one from my working telephone connected through a regional carrier.
When I cranked it up, the computer settings showed all the particulars for the regional, so hopefully that will work without a hitch.
Now the little critter is 88% of the way through updating win10. It was a 4-gig update.
Knock on wood, things are going fine. The network installation was painless. It has downloaded all the shares, and is eager to trot.
I am reassured.

Does this computer have wi-fi?

Yes indeed.

Wireless: Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac)