Microsoft Surface 3 10.8" 64GB Tablet

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Microsoft Surface 3 10.8" 64GB Tablet
Price: $229.99
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8/21/2017 - $244.99

Got this last time. I am very impressed with the quality. This thing looks and works like new. I was hesitant because I’ve ordered one before from eBay that was supposedly “refurbished” and it wasn’t close to this quality. Besides the refurb sticker on the Microsoft box, you’d have no idea these were refurb. Now onto the performance… again, I was hesitant to try it due to the Atom CPU and 2GB of memory. I got this for streaming Netflix/Amazon and doing occasional Email. I have yet to have any performance issues with the tablet. I haven’t tried any intense games or running any macros, but for streaming, browsing, and Email, this tablet is pretty impressive. Grabbing another for my kids to play with. Great tablet for the money.

Most recent Passmark benchmark for this configuration.

Are those scores what they look like? 1 to 1 1/2 stars out of 5 at best? How should I interpret this?

Although security updates will continue until January of 2023, Microsoft is no longer supporting the Atom processor. You will not get the latest Creator’s Update, or any other updates (other than the security updates) going forward.

This might be a little easier to look at in terms of benchmarks for the Z-8700

The X7-Z8700 is actually, for an Atom processor, fairly strong. I have a Chuwi Hi12 with the X5-Z8300 that I use on occasion. It gets the job done as long as you aren’t expecting it to do everything as fast/smooth as an i5/i7 can do. But you can probably expect roughly Core2Duo performance from the 8700. More than good enough for travel.

I have an old Gen 2 iPad I’ve been thinking of replacing. This might be just what I need.

We bought one the last time around. Is it a GREAT computer and GREAT deal? Well, no, but at the price it’s a good deal. Nice tablet for travel, and it syncs with my other Windows machine very well.

The only issue I’ve had with it is with the wireless not connecting well with 5G and getting terrible download speed over my wi-fi, but from what I’ve read, that seems to be a common problem with Surface tablets, including the Pro versions, so it’s not just with this Surface 3.

Hopefully there will be some sort of update that fixes the issue. Meanwhile I got an inexpensive USB wi-fi adapter that resolves the issue for me and I’m using it. Adding a dock (only $18 on Amazon!) and a powered hub allows me to use an extra monitor I had lying around, an extra USB keyboard, and USB mouse to make usage easier when at my desk in the home office area.

In my opinion, a pretty solid machine for the deal. Should be great for the grandchildren. Will it be obsolete by 2023? Do I care? ALL my computers will be obsolete by then and I’ll have moved on to others.

This isn’t my main machine and it does what I wanted it to do so I’m happy with it.

I’ve got 6 tabs open in Chrome now, two of them playing videos, and not bogged down at all… all running fine.

I don’t believe atom processors are blanket blocked from creators edition. It is the older cloverview or trail atom chips from a few years back. Microsoft still makes the surface 3 or did until recently so it would not make sense to sell a product and not support it. If anything the ram 2gb is my deterrent from purchasing. I have a surface 3 with 4 gb and 128gb drive that works well for basic use.

Please don’t confuse this with the Surface Pro 3. The Atom processors in these are horribly under-powered and will bog down with a few browser tabs open. Save yourself the heartache and save a couple more dollars up and go pick up a Pro off of Amazon for a little more. Used ones on eBay are running about the same price.

Does it even function, running windows 10 with 2GB of ram will run like a dog, and you can’t upgrade the ram. Not sure this is such a good deal IMHO

I have a Samsung 12.2 pro. As killer app is the S pen along with S-note. I use for work combining photos, notes, and diagrams. Exports to pdf for filing and compatibility with other folks. Mine’s getting a little long in the tooth.

Would this be a worthy replacement along with a purchase of a pen? I love the 12.2 size for notes but 10.8" is doable. Do you use Word for photos and handwritten notes or is there another application equivalent to S-Note?

Other criteria. Does it support screen mirroring?

2GB of RAM? Why did they even make this an option…I’ll pass!

We have a couple that are used at my office and they great for marking up documents with the S pen and are fine for light browsing, emailing and word processing. That being said… for what you are going to pay for this and a keyboard dock and s pen, you can find a whole lot of options in this form factor out there with 4 gigs of ram and non Atom series processors that will give you much better performance/specs. So unless you really need it for the pen which is the thing the surface does better than just about anyone else. I’d look for something else.

My Asus Transformer has 2GB of RAM and runs Windows 10 just fine

Mine functions just fine, with Windows 10. It’s not a super machine but it does what I need. Clearly not for anyone with really heavy duty computing needs though.

I can comment on the screen mirroring. I’m mirroring to a larger screen right now on it, so yes.

I can also extend to the larger screen, to give additional screen workspace. Now this is using a miniport to DVI cable. I believe it can also project using wifi or bluetooth.

Per dealnews:

Frankly, you might want to think twice about buying a Surface tablet at all. In August, Consumer Reports said it can no longer recommend Microsoft tablets and laptops “because of poor predicted reliability in comparison with most other brands.” Their survey estimated that 25% of Microsoft tablets and laptops will “present problems within two years of ownership” — including the current-gen Surface Pro.

Microsoft, of course, disagrees with those findings, stating that they “stand firmly behind the quality and reliability of the Surface family of devices.”

Still feel like taking the plunge? Last year, Microsoft had the best deals on the Surface Pro 4, which first hit shelves in October 2015. The brand sold the 256GB Core i5 Surface Pro 4 bundled with a Type Cover for just $999, which is a whopping $500 off! The 128GB Core i5 version was also available for $799 ($200 off). Staples matched the latter deal, while Best Buy offered the 128GB Core m3 Surface Pro 4 with a Type Cover for $600 ($400 off). Costco slashed $250 off a Surface Pro 4 bundle that included both the Type Cover and a Surface Pen.

For this price, I got a HP ElitePad 1000-g2 on Woot! previously - Z3795 processor, 4GB ram, 128GB ssd, same resolution with Gorilla-Glass 3, other specs virtually the same. The HP is awesome - way better than this setup; performance is comparable to a laptop; also has dual-band wifi. No ‘kickstand’, but a hardshell case with keyboard, buit-in dock and additional ports can be had for about $50. My college student son LOVES it - only 3-lbs with case.!!