Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet 10.8" Touch

Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet 10.8" Touch

At first I thought it was just a relisting of the same product for the same price in the same condition on Amazon:

But that guy still has Windows 8.1 and per the listing this has Windows 10 Pro. So not bad on that front. But remember there are still some issues if you’re planning on using this as your daily driver, most notably that it has an old, slow Atom processor and only 4 GB of RAM. I have older PCs with similar specs and they are barely usable. Still, if you’re looking for a big tablet for media consumption and you will occasionally need to RDP into other machines, then this might fit the bill.

These are great devices until your battery fails. Since it is a pocket battery and inaccessible, it swells and ruins the touch-screen and device. Microsoft won’t help you then.

I have one of these, and have had it since they first came out. So far, no physical issues with it, and it operates as it did from day one.

Given that, it is not lightning fast, and takes complex web pages a while to load, is slow to load files, switch between apps, etc. I like that it has a full-sized USB port, and a mini-HDMI can be handy with an adapter. It’s also nice to have the micro-SD slot for additional storage. The built-in storage is eMMC, which is probably a factor in its speed (or lack thereof).

The stand isn’t the Pro-style with infinite angles, but I can almost always find a usable angle from what it does have. It is going to be difficult to find a typecover keyboard for this, though. I have one, and I like the feel of it, possibly better than the Pro typecover, but again, it probably won’t be easy to find.