Microsoft Surface Book 13.5" Detachable Laptop

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Microsoft Surface Book 13.5" Detachable Laptop
Price: $999.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
11/1/2017 - $1,049.99

Is this the latest model or the original? Also - I believe Amazon has the same model new for $1050.

[MOD: Not the same model. See post below.]

This is the first model.
Latest came out 2 weeks ago, no time for refurbs yet.

Hello Wooter, the Surface computer you reference appears to have an i5…this is the Amazon listing for the item being sold on Woot for Cyber Monday:

Heads up that the Geforce graphics in this device is close to a 940M. I.e. - not really a gaming solution. You’ve been warned.

Yeah, that’s the iffy thing about it when it first came out. While I know this old model was aimed for artists and stuff, even a 940m wouldn’t really suffice much…

I have had this same computer (i7/256) since its launch. It has been nothing but problems. Randomly detaches and reattaches, constantly drops the wifi, and the mouse pad will slowly drive you insane. Great idea for a laptop, just a terrible, terrible, terrible execution. I would not buy again, should have stuck with the thinkpad line.

Also, this will not run Revit and struggles to run Inventor.

I love when Woot posts a Dell copycat, then just a copy of days later posts an original Surface. Oh, and of course, the return policy is practically nonexistent. Thanks, Woot.

I have this same notebook. While that GPU is no beast, it is definitely decent enough for light to moderate gaming. Wont be doing any native resolution gaming but 1080 or slightly lower at medium graphics is definitely playable for the majority of my 200+ Steam library.

I agree. It’s not something you buy for gaming in the first place, but it’s perfect capable for a lot of games when you need it and overall it’s been a great system for me.

I just bought one of these, albeit with slightly different specs.

A few annoyances:

In laptop mode, the screen portion is a bit heavy. Which means, if you lean it all the way back, it tends to tip backwards.

Also in laptop mode, the surface book will only go back about 15 degrees past 90. Not a huge deal, but might annoy some.

More worrisome is that when I got it in, it wouldn’t turn on for a bit. I had to charge it for a while before it would turn on.

And finally, the detachment is not a simple tug. It’s tied into the software, so the unit has to actually have some power to it before you can detach via the key. You hold it for a sec, and then it “unlocks” and lets you detach. If the power is too low to let the unlock function, you can detach manually via some (very) hidden mechanical releases.

As far as major problems, I haven’t had any really. Works pretty well, and comes with the pen. I’ve enjoyed it so far. Speakers sound great, the thing gets plenty loud. It also gets very bright, though the auto-brightness adjustment is so sensitive that it will adjust based on its own light reflection in a dark room.

Where does this fit in as far as gadgets go? I am an amateur photographer and run Lightroom, Photoshop, and other software on a high performance desktop. For typical mobile use, I have an iPad and use apps for reading (Nook), web surfing, comic books (apps), and other various mobile apps that you would find on my iPhone as well. However, I don’t use the iPad for photo editing.

Is this intended to replace a tablet, your main PC, or both?

Can anyone comment on their experience using a Surface with Lightroom and/or Photoshop? Editing while traveling would be a plus.

I’m not a huge photo editor, so I can’t speak specifically about this. I will say, though, that this particular model only has 8 GB of RAM. I’ve heard that’s less than ideal for Photoshop, so that’s definitely something to consider, based on your experience.

I’d say in terms of where it fits for me, I use it as a laptop/tablet hybrid. That is, when I want to do light computer work that needs a keyboard (communication, research-type browsing), I prefer this over my desktop or a tablet. And when watching something or doing tablet-type browsing (scrolling social media to pass the time), the sturdiness of the stand is pretty great if you flip the screen around.

The battery life in the tablet portion alone is pretty reduced, and it’s a bit big for a tablet. I rarely use it separate from the stand. Though, it is an option.

I have the original Microsoft Surface Pro with the I7. Mind you it is the surface and not the surface book, but this is probably the best mobile computing purchase I have ever made. Other than the graphics performance which is not intended for gaming (although I do counter Strike on it), it performs very well. As far as Microsoft hardware goes, this is the top of the pops.

I use Camera One, Lightroom and Photoshop on mine all the time and it’s fantastic for that. It’ll handle 24mp raw’s like a champ. It doesn’t quite have the portability of an ipad, but it’s still very portable and it blows an ipad out of the water in every other regard. It’s a full blown laptop that can double as a tablet if needed and it works great for that. I typically flip the screen and fold it back wen I want to use it like a tablet. Again, it’s not as light or portable as an ipad, but it works just as well and is never short on performance. I travel with mine all the time and it’s the best of both worlds.

I am a business student, and will be using this with mostly Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. Will this unit work well for my needs? Do I need to go a diff route and save up two grand for an i7 and 16gb of ram?

Nothing I’d want.

I bought this model at the Microsoft Store last week for slightly more money (but their return policy is nice). The first couple of days have been a little buggy.

  • Arrived with a drained battery.
  • When I first set up the computer, after login it went to a black screen and just hung there until I went all ctrl-alt-del on it and messed around for a while.
  • A couple days ago it went to 100% CPU and disk usage for several minutes. I don’t know what it was doing.
  • During one update, it got stuck on the “preparing to update” screen and I had to do a hardware restart (even though it told me not to).
  • Updates have been really slow to install.
  • Yesterday the Surface Pen stopped working altogether. Issue was fixed after I restarted.

It’s pretty fast and, aside from what I’ve mentioned, has behaved itself. I’ve been playing The Witness on medium graphics with no trouble. I’m a casual-to-medium gamer, mostly last-gen and non-five-star games. No complaints yet.

Its form factor is second to none, in my opinion. My wife has been using it in tablet mode as a sheet music display and it’s the perfect size for that. Great for lap or desk.

Works nicely with my Kensington USB docking station.

If it keeps having random issues I may request an exchange. But for now I’m hoping that all the updates it’s had over the last week will smooth things over.

I have used a Surface in multiple form factors including original Surface, Surface Pro 3 and the Surface Book. The Surface Book here is the original, not the new Surface Book 2 that has just started selling in November. So you are getting the original version of this Surface Book. Main difference between the original and the new Surface 2 is battery life (14 vs 17 hours) but as always that varies depending on what you are doing. The Surface Book is a laptop replacement and I think easier to use as a mobile device than the Surface Pro as it fits better in your lap. With the I7 and 8GB RAM you should have no problems running most applications. As mentioned earlier, heavier processing apps may be a bit slow with 8GB, but I have used Lightroom on my Surface Pro 3 with I5 and 8gB with no issues. This will run Lightroom easily.