Microsoft Surface Book 13" Detachable Laptop

OK, so I’d been looking at the new HP Spectre X360 13t, but as nice as it is (and it is very nice), this looks pretty awesome for a lot less money. Only real qvetch I have is that the USB outputs are only USB 3.0,not 3.1, let alone Thunderbolt. Plus no real possibility to upgrade to a 512 GB SSD.

Only $6 more on Amazon, though through a third-party seller. Possibly not factory refurbished? But with the Nvidia GPU? Microsoft Surface Book 13.5" i5 256GB Multi-Touch 2-in-1 Notebook (Silver)

Anyway, there is a decent review of this on the Tech Radar site here:

Does this one have integrated Intel, or Nvidia GPU? Earlier gen dual core compared to HP 8th gen quad.

I picked up one of these from a previous Woot offering, and it is indeed manufacturer refurbished.

I’d guess it does not have the Nvidia GPU. This is listed as the 2015 model, and the extra Nvidia GPU in the base was still an optional add-on at that point.

I think that was an option with the i7 models, which would support your hunch (this is from memory; I didn’t look it up). That said, I have a Surface Pro from this era and it can run many games decently and has worked fine the few times I had to get into Photoshop or InDesign for emergency work (I don’t use it as my primary work computer).

From the specs:

Intel i5 Model: Integrated Intel HD Graphics 520

Ummmm, isn’t a brand new one only $5 more on Amazon?

Ummmmmm, got a link?

I believe the ones you are looking at on Amazon are reconditioned, but not necessarily “recertified” with a Microsoft warranty. The current version of the Surface Book is much more expensive.

That said, there are some available on Amazon at or below this price depending on the type of refurb it is and its warranty.

They come right up if you search for “Surface Book”