Microsoft Surface Book 13" Detachable Laptops

Woah, woah, woah. Are these the first gen ones, or the second gens from 2017?

Looks like it’s a Gen 1, the Surface Pro 2 has a 15" display

It is Gen 1. The Surface Book 2 comes in both 13.5" and 15" sizes, but they all have either 7th or 8th generation processors.

Can anyone tell if this is the original 2015 model or the 2016 refresh? I did a quick search to see if there was an easy way to identify the difference but I’m drawing blanks. I know I shouldn’t get excited over the marginal upgrade in the discrete GPU (GTX940M to GTX965M) but the 2016 refresh to the 965M increased the battery size and gives you longer battery life overall.

These are the 2015 model.

Awesome, thank you for clearing that up!