Microsoft Surface Book 13" i5 256GB Laptop

Microsoft Surface Book 13" i5 256GB Laptop

Hey everyone. First post on woot. Long time lurker. Is this a pretty good deal? I looked online but could not really find a consensus. Thanks!

As an update. I really do like the idea of having a laptop that also doubles as a “tablet” or drawing surface.

You’ll need to decide if it is a great deal or not. This would have been an awesome deal in 2015. But technology depreciates (mostly). Now it is your call. If you decide it does what you want and it is appealing to you and you pull the trigger then you decided it was a great deal. Since you are asking, you probably won’t pull the trigger and some stranger saying it is a great deal shouldn’t change your mind.

Pretty shabby Woot, to not reveal which Surface model this is. 2015 may be a clue but not good enough

Also, what’s in the box? Is the keyboard included or not? Is the stylus included or not?

I have a surface 7, I like it. Can I buy an adapter to put this surface output to an HDMI?


I’ve been watching Surface Books for quite a while. This is an “ok” deal. Not bad, but also not “so-amazing-you-must-get-it-now”. Keep in mind, it’s an “ok” deal if you specifically want a Surface Book. If you just want any laptop, there are probably better deals out there.

I got a plain old Surface a while back, and it’s OK as a tablet. But I MUCH prefer my HP notebook sized laptop with touch screen (from Woot.) I’m not a pen user and I find the laptop configuration easier to use on my lap than the attachable keyboard on the surface. Not so much flopping around.

  1. Read the Specs tab, and you’ll see which model this is (Hint: this is not the one with the discrete Nvidia gpu in the base)
  2. This is a Surface Book, not a Surface Pro. The keyboard is always included.
  3. Read the description, where it clearly states that the pen is included.
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This is a Surface Book, not a Surface Pro. The Book has a rigid aluminum base, so it functions like a typical laptop with a sturdy keyboard. It’s thicker and heavier than a Pro, with a larger screen and bigger battery (2 actually, since the base contains an additional battery for extra longevity). It’s just a little bit thicker and heavier than a 2015 MacBook Pro, which was clearly the market this device was trying to compete with.

I’m using this same model right now to type this, and it has held up very well. I almost never use it as a tablet, and it would be way more useful as a tablet if Microsoft had included a Surface Pro-style kickstand. As it is, there’s no way to stand/lean the tablet up on its own if its not connected to the keyboard base. But as a laptop, its been pretty great.

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This is a Surface BOOK not a Surface. It has a rigid keyboard not a floppy type cover like the surface. It is a full laptop whose screen detaches from the the keyboard and let’s you use it as a tablet. I agree about the Surface. It’s a pretty useless device unless you have a very specific need that you want to use it with. The kickstand sticks out way too far to be useful in tight quarters like your lap, airplane tray, couch or chair arm.

I think it’s a pretty good deal considering it has a full 1 year warranty. This means you can take it to any Microsoft store in the country to get serviced or replaced should anything go wrong with it. You can also purchase the accidental damage policy through Microsoft that extends your warranty to 2 years and covers you if break it. All through Microsoft which is really nice. It’s older, sure, but it’s $499. In my opinion it’s a good deal.

Thanks for the clarification on the rigidity of the keyboard. I was trying to use the Surface for digital audio recording/editing but the SSD is not the greatest. I read later that they should have used a faster one.

I just received my order and the surface pen was not in the box.

Did anyone receive their order and did you get the surface pen?

I received mine, the pen was in the brown box at the bottom of the box. If you don’t remove all the packaging you might not see it. Odd that they said these were “open box”. The actual white computer box was sealed, obviously not open. The shipping box containing the white box was opened and the pen was in there. I would not consider that “open box”. Anyway, took a few hours to get all the updates applied but I consider this a very good deal as I am VERY impressed with the quality of the unit and the screen. Also as I type this on my second charge, battery bar shows max battery life of 13hr 11min. Way better than any other laptop I have owned. Speed is perfectly fine and I use it with Visual Studio for software development.


Thank you for replying. Mine was in excellent shape but it was activated in Nov 2019 and my guess is it was returned with out the pen. I did recheck all boxes and no joy. I did work this issue out with Woot and they gave me a partial refund of $80.00 as I saw as fair. I have to say its a real nice device I really like it.

as mine was registered in Nov 2019 I had to call Microsoft and work out the warranty and have it restarted on my purchase date and that was 2 hours but it is done.

did we all get the Nvidia GPU keyboard? I did.

I looked in my brown boxes and sadly did not find the Surface Pen. :frowning: I did mysteriously receive a $70 refund on the purchase price today and now I can assume that it was for the lack of the inclusion of a pen?!? The Surface I received seems to be in good shape also.

Same situation here - no pen in the package, and an unexpected $70 refund. Hey woot - can you confirm explicitly that the refund is because of the missing pen? :face_with_monocle:

Also - it appears that the keyboard base on mine has the discrete Nvidia GPU! (Check in Device Manager or System Information under ‘Display’ if you want to check yours.) :raised_hands:

Exact same situation for me. Don’t mind the Nvidia upgrade, but I do need that pen.

If you’re missing the pen:

Look at the very bottom of the box in another brown box. It’s very well disguised.

If you still don’t find it, reach out to Woot Customer Service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support. .