Microsoft Surface Book 2 with Pen & Sleeve

Microsoft Surface Book 2 with Pen & Sleeve


Worth the price?

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I’m passing. Looks like a Very Charlie Brown processor. The HPs from yesterday were a lot better and cheaper.

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I have a launch day SB1 (i7) that I don’t hate. It is just starting to show its age from travel, runs fine. This worth the upgrade. The new i5 is only a hair faster. Thoughts?

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The SB2 has worked well for us—got it new with the 512 for around two thousand about three years ago. It was right towards the end of the cycle with the three coming out a few months after we bought it. It has worked quite well. Remember that with the specs they are showing, you will likely have less VRAM, so think through your use expectations with that in mind.

FYI–this Surface with 7th gen Intel is not upgradeable to Windows 11.

I see that they have nobody double checking pictures or descriptions here at woot. The second to last picture picture number seven is of a MacBook Pro I guess if you buy this product you’re getting both a Microsoft surface book 2 and a MacBook Pro.

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Yeah, that’s just showing the sleeve. Good eyes though.

Picture shows keyboard. I don’t see it mentioned in the description. Is it automatically included with the SB2?

Yep, it’s included.

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Hmm, for me, a deal breaker. I have plenty of Win 10 devices. Time to move on, I think.

If you install Win 11 from scratch it will install on old cpus.


My 2 cents here.

I have SB1.

I installed W11 last week on it.

Google on how to do it.

Super easy.

Easy on SB2 as well.

Test comment from your friendly woot developer.

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Are you gonna fix all the things?