Microsoft Surface Duo Dual-Screen LTE Tablets

It definitely part gimmick, part beta product with some rough edges, but I think a huge reason they didn’t sell well (and quickly got a $200 price reduction) was that price tag. $1.4k or whatever it started at for a phone that might be too wide to fit in you pocket is no joke, even in the era of $1k flagships. The folding phones, with comparably huge price tags, are similarly scarce (I mean some people are apparently buying them, but I’ve never seen one of those, or the Surface Duo for that matter, in person.)

The Surface Duo is kind of my type of gimmicky device, but even I’m not going to splurge $700 for this type of device. If it was closer to $400-500, maybe. Also, it doesn’t help that Woot has ended up re-listing electronics that I’ve recently purchased from them, at a greater discount than I originally bought them for, so there’s little incentive for me to make a purchase like this at this time.


You should be able to go to to unlock it once you receive the device.


Amazon now has decreased to 699 for 128 and 759 for the 256 .

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Started the unlocking process earlier last week. Usually AT&T sends me a code within 24 hours, but this time they told me “Your request for device unlock requires additional research to determine eligibility. Please be assured that we are actively working on it. We’ll send a response as soon as possible.” I’ve unlocked other AT&T devices before without issue, but this is the first time I’ve seen a delay.

AT&T sent me a follow-up email a few days later saying they’re still working on it. I think it’s time I call AT&T Support…

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For anyone else having issues getting their device unlocked:
I have spent several hours waiting/talking to many people at AT&T, with most of them being either rude or not helpful. I was told that I had to call MS for the unlock code, which is not true! Also don’t waste your time on calling MS as they do NOT have any unlock codes! I was told the phone was not eligible to be unlocked, again not true. I was told that they don’t provide unlock codes at all to people who don’t have an AT&T account, definitely not true. And I was hung up on more than once. After getting shuffled around to multiple different numbers, I finally got help with the following phone # 1-866-344-6217

Calling that number I spoke with someone who was able to look into things, and they said that the online site appears to be backed up at the moment. Which is why the online requests are taking so long. Mine has currently been 1 week waiting as of this writing. They also confirmed that since the device was not purchased from an AT&T store, and I do not have an AT&T account, that the online form is the only way to get the unlock code for the Surface Duo. HOWEVER, they hinted that had I not used the online site first, there may have been something else they could have done to get the unlock code faster. Your results may vary.

In the end they admitted that it is currently taking longer than it should normally take, but they also escalated my case to a status that I’m told should provide me an update in the next 48 hours. So fingers crossed I hear something then or else I’m going to be looking at returning this.

tl/dr: website unlocks are backed up and delayed, call 1-866-344-6217 to check unlock status.

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There is a whole group on Reddit trying to get their just purchased Woot duos unlocked.
So far, no has been successful.
AT&T unlock service reports (after waiting two weeks) “The IMIE provided is not a valid AT&T IMIE”.
Would be grateful if anyone can actually figure this out.

I am not an AT&T customer but I know that devices can be unlocked after verifying they are paid off or not on contract.

I attempted the Unlock website twice. The first time took 4 days and resulted in an automated e-mail reply that there was no unlock code for the device.

I used the site again the following day. This time it took about 2Hr and received an e-mail reply that appears human generated that states, ‘The manufacturer doesn’t have an unlock code for this device’.

I tried calling the # provided by HigHwing but was also told that I was limited to using the website since I was not a customer.

I’m still trying but it does not make sense that a code is not available as it prompts me for one when I put in my Google Fi SIM.


I go the “The manufacturer doesn’t have an unlock code for this device” response.
I opened a ticket with Microsoft, and also linked to the Reddit and XDA threads on not being able to unlock the Duos we got from Woot. "
Things they will need if you also open a ticket (knowing how their systems work, this will show a trending issue if they get a bunch of tickets on the same issue):
Have your serial number and IMEI number handy
A photo of the SIM unlock screen
A screenshot of the email from AT&T
Also note purchase date, arrival date, unlock request date and unlock response dates.

I am sure the LAST THING Woot, AT&T and Microsoft want is a flood of returned devices over this, so hopefully a ‘ticket trend’ will get it resolved before that happens. :slight_smile:

Can you link or explain how you opened a ticket with MS?

Also can you link to the reddit posts so I can follow along there and provide any updates if I get them?

To update anyone else, I have confirmed from AT&T that they do not have any unlock codes for any new MS phones. They are saying that MS stopped giving them the unlock codes back in February. I have also told my contact that there are many others in this same situation. They are trying one more thing to try and get a resolution, but it’s not looking good, and it’s looking more like this will need to be escalated on the MS side. I’ll post an update once I know more.

Checking in to say there has been no response so far. I’ll probably start hounding MS myself on Tuesday.

Contacted MS who told me that they do not have the unlock code and told me to ask the the AT&T to unlock it or return it for a refund .

I called MS this morning and the person I spoke to took down the information I gave them and said they would work on escalating the issue, and then call me back today. Seeing as it’s ~5pm, it doesn’t look like I’m getting a call back today. I’ll bother them again tomorrow. But if I don’t get any positive results by Thursday, I’m throwing in the towel and returning my Duo.

So new update with some maybe helpful information.
At this point I am convinced the MS Phone Support does not know that the Surface Duo is a phone and not a PC tablet, and they do not know how to properly transfer calls either. I made several calls to them today, and each time it was clear that none of them understood what I was talking about. None of them asked me for the IMEI # and they all wanted to transfer my call to another department. The later would not have been a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that I was hung up on every time they said the call was being transferred.

I eventually changed tactics and started trying other options on the call prompts. Each one getting disconnected when they tried to transfer me to the “Correct department”… One of the options mentioned a website and using the online support instead, so I figured it was worth a shot. I used the online chat, and this time the person asked for my IMEI #. Even better, they gave me a case # as they needed to escalate this issue. Unfortunately, they said it could take 24-72hrs to get an update, and the only way to get an update was to wait for them to e-mail me. :frowning: I’m not too happy about those options, but this feels like there is at least some movement instead of hitting brick walls.

At this point I would suggest everyone else trying this as if we can get enough people creating tickets with the same issue, maybe MS will notice there is a problem here. As an FYI you will need a MS account (the free one you used for windows 10 will work) and you will need to register/link the s/n of the Duo to your account. What I did was:

  1. Goto and click on the blue “Contact US” button on the middle right side of the page.
  2. A new window will open up asking you to sign in with your MS account. (If you have a windows PC/laptop, you should have a MS account)
  3. Next a series of questions will ask you about what device you are inquiring about, and eventually it will come to a window that will ask you to register the new device. (This is where you need the s/n)
  4. You should now be put in a queue to wait to chat with someone.
  5. This is the important part, once you get someone, you will need to tell ALL of the following information. a) that you need the sim unlock code for your phone. b) AT&T has confirmed that MS stopped giving them the unlock codes. So AT&T does not have the codes at all. c) 3rd party vendors are unable to get the unlock code as well.
  6. Hopefully if all goes well, they should ask for your IMEI # and then create a case # for you.

Hopefully if enough people do this, it may help us to get a favorable resolution faster. Fingers crossed

I chatted with support last night and it seemed like the feller understood what I was saying, I showed him my email of the denied unlock request from At&t and he took all my information and made a ticket. I told him that at&t investigated and that they said they literally couldn’t help me as Microsoft is the manufacturer and hadn’t gave them any codes. This was yesterday, and he said it may take a couple of days. He was very nice and said he would escalate the issue as far as he needed to to get a resolution. So I will write here when I get an answer. Thanks for keeping everyone updated, I have seen you all over the place trying to help people with this!

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Your welcome! :slight_smile: I’m trying to get as many people involved as possible as that is the only way to really get companies to notice a problem.
I just talked to another person, at MS, who I have confidence in that they fully understand the problem. Unfortunately they also implied that we may not be able to get the codes. But as long as the case is still open, and someone understands the problem, there is still a chance at getting these unlocked. :crossed_fingers:

I only have one update at the moment as I was only recently given permission to post it, but it’s a good one. (See attached image) While it may not look like much, it’s from AT&T support, and states 2 things. 1) MS was the source of the unlock codes for MS phones for AT&T, and 2) MS is the only ones that can resolve this issue.

Alrighty, time for another update. I just got off the phone with the MS rep handling the case and I have good news and bad news. Some of you may have already spoken to the rep and know this as well.

The good news is that because enough of you also called in and had cases opened up, they have one large investigation going on to figure out the cause of this etc. (because apparently they don’t even know haha) Also good job to those that called in, and thank you!! :slight_smile: However, even though they have one master ticket/investigation for tracking everyone, they are still working the cases separately as well. The reason for this is apparently they also need an AT&T case # for each user so they can work with AT&T on getting each device unlocked individually. This sounds like a really slow and panful way to do this, but hey at least they are doing something which is good.

Now the bad part. They are saying it maybe a week or more to work out this issue, however, they can’t guarantee that they will even get the unlock codes at the end of that. So those of us that are nearing the end of our return window, will have to make a decision to wait it out or not. Me myself, I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing yet either, but that’s my decision, and you guys have your own to make.

I also asked what anyone else who is either waiting on our response or hasn’t done anything yet should do. And they said that at the least, you should call AT&T and get a case # with them, I think even the case # from the failed website unlock will do. Then you will need to call MS and get a case opened with MS and give them the AT&T case #. You should only need to tell them that there is already an investigation open for this issue, and you just want to add your name to the list, but if not, all my previous posts should have all the information you will need. This could change in the future, or it could be the way it needs to get done, who knows. But starting this process certainly wouldn’t hurt, and at the least would put you ahead of those that haven’t yet if this does end up working.

As always I’ll update again when I have more information.

Can’t we take legal action for these issues?

Thanks, HigHwing. That’s at least some progress. I’ve been trying to unlock mine since the first Duo sale on Woot. It is kind of rediculous that this device can not be unlocked like any other AT&T device I’ve had in the past.

I just followed the instructions. MS and was rude, hopefully
They unlock them because I find using this as a work phone/ table work much better then my iPhone. Hopefully we get an answer soon.