Microsoft Surface Duo Dual-Screen LTE Tablets

Any updates?

So this is kinda a gray area as for as any legal action. As far as I can tell there actually isn’t a law that says AT&T has to unlock your phone. There are a set of guidlines that they are heavily pushed to follow. But even those still gives AT&T an out as they can still deny an unlock request with good reason. to which MS not giving AT&T the codes is legal enough reason to clear AT&T.
That said, someone on the reddit board is filing a complaint with the FCC. I don’t have high hopes that they can help here, but I suppose it’s better than nothing.

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Unfortunately I still don’t have any news from MS. However, I am getting messages that they are still working on it. So at the least they haven’t forgotten to give me updates even when there isn’t one…

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Not sure if you guys have received an update from Microsoft but I just got my phone unlocked. So



Good news everyone, I recently got a call and can CONFIRM that MS has come through with the unlock codes. Mine is now unlocked and several others have already been reporting the same. Anyone else that has a case opened with MS should be getting an e-mail soon with an unlock code as well.

Now, for those that haven’t done anything yet, and or were waiting to see what happens, I confirmed with the MS rep that this is what you need to do:

  1. You need a case # with AT&T first. The easiest way to do this is to submit an unlock request on their site at and then wait a week for it to fail and give you a case #. Or if you want something faster, you can try calling them. But the important thing is that YOU NEED AN AT&T CASE # FIRST. MS will not help you without that.
  2. Contact MS, either by phone at 1-800-642-7676 or using the live chat at Surface help & learning - Microsoft Support Now here’s the important part, you NEED to talk to a Surface Duo Trained Rep. Politely confirm that the person you are talking with is one, and if not, tell them that you need to speak to one for this issue. If you don’t, it’s almost guaranteed that they will just punt you back to AT&T.
  3. Once you get the Surface Duo rep, explain your situation, that you have an AT&T locked phone, and AT&T does not have the unlock codes and told you to contact MS support. Make sure that you mention that there is already a larger investigation ticket for this issue as well. If all goes well, they should ask for your AT&T case #, and the IMEI number from your phone. If they still aren’t helping you, you can try and give them my case # 1023577706 and tell them you are having the same issue.
  4. Wait till MS sends you your unlock code and then celebrate!!

I want to thank those of you that also bugged the hell out of MS to help us get where we are!! It’s been a long and wild ride, but we finally got what we wanted in the end.



I did that just now and went to plan.

I’m sorry. What do we have to do with Microsoft? We sold it as AT&T locked.

If its unlockable that’s kinda shitty and should be expressed in the advert.

They were both listed and sold as locked. Whether or not a device can be unlocked, and the difficulty involved therein is an entirely different topic. If you made the purchase based on the unsubstantiated assumption that it could be easily unlocked, then that’s your fault.

It does sound like, if MS and AT&T didn’t have their heads up their trumpholes, the devices could be easily unlocked; the fact that customers are having to jump through hoops is definitely poor customer service, but this is entirely the responsibility of those two companies, not Woot, which didn’t state that this was an easy or guaranteed outcome.

I think you’re missing the point. I’ve never had so many weird issues of unlocking a handset. It’s a straight forward process.

Seriously, your suggestion of unsubstantiated assumption is wrong. They are easy to unlock, I’ve been doing it for years.

That isn’t my fault is it.

**Thanks for your amazing input. It’s amazing **

Abderrahim.C Hey my friend, I appreciate you coming on the forum and trying to fix these things and yes you are correct. If we buy a “locked” device then there might be some issues “unlocking” it. I hope that it will not be a long drawn out process but yes I agree if we buy a “locked” device then we, as the purchaser and in full knowledge of the fact we bought a “locked” device then there may be some difficulties in getting the device “unlocked”. I for one accept that risk for the price that was paid. And yes I knew that I might have to send the phone back and purchase a “unlocked” version BUT I hope that I gambled on the right information. Thank you sir for coming on here and doing your best to help us understand what is going on with the Duo deals. I for one appreciate your time and effort. Microsoft did a good job retaining your skills!

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I would seriously like to know what the heck the complainers problem is? It took me LITTERALLY 13 MINUTES from START to Finish with Microsoft Tech today…13 MINUTES!!! They are sending me the unlock code as I type…

Talk about the haters trying to cash in on some trash talk…for $409 and 13 minutes time I saved over $1000 on a device i have wanted to buy since it came out…hell I could probably chalk this up to one of the best investments I have ever made!..

1000% happy with WOOT on this one…

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did you open a ticket with AT&T first or go straight to microsoft? Mine is still en route and would like to follow your “13 minute plan”.

opened a ticket with AT&T first as instructed. I was a tad premature. MS support said they would call back that day but now I was told it will be today which is 7 days later. So it would appear you have to wait for the AT&T ticket to time out after a week. sorry.

I just called Microsoft with my AT&T case number and they replied that they no longer need AT&T case numbers to unlock. So for anyone else, try calling Microsoft first.

Just got done with MS chat. No AT&T case ticket needed, albeit I did notify that that AT&T flaked on me when I initiated the conversation. They said they’d have my unlock codes to me within 3-5 days, which seems reasonable to me. Their support dude, “Alberto”, was totally on top of the situation. Clearly, their internal training is catching up to what’s going on with these devices, which is great.

Yay! finally got an unlock code from MS, it took a little waiting and a reminder call to MS support but, they came through. I believe you are correct that it important to be nice.
NOW, I’m having problems getting the phone to unlock. Followed the instructions to put a non-ATT card in tray, to date I’ve tried sim cards from Net10, Simple Mobile, Trac Phone, and Ting. When I put the cards in the tray (done so many times in the same orientation as the ATT card that is with the phone), the phone shows a message that says “no sim card - emergency calls only”. I’ve gone ahead and entered the unlock code to all of these and told it was unsuccessful. As my Woot handles indicates I’m Old (years wise, as well as have been using Woot for a long time) and I’m not overly technically savvy but, should be able to handle the relatively simple instructions to unlock a phone (have done so with other models in the way past). Anyone have any suggestions, I don’t want to reach me attempt limit (whatever that is). Thanks

Got my code yesterday after a week. Microsoft actually called me with it and talked me through it. Yesef was great! Here’s the link they gave me when I had trouble getting my sim card in.
Make sure that you are putting it in face up, and that the cut corner lines up with the indentation in the holder. Took me a while, but finally got it to work. Once the Sim card is in correctly,. it will immediately ask for an unlock code. Good luck.

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