Microsoft Surface Duo Dual-Screen LTE Tablets

Microsoft Surface Duo Dual-Screen LTE Tablets

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So here we go again like clockwork, $50 less every two weeks or until stocks run out.
Of course, locked to AT&T, impossible to unlock, dodgy OS, and don’t expect updates. Not much of a deal.


It does still get monthly updates. Should get Android 11. But they are dropping the price so much - - might be worth it for collectors or early adopters who just want to experiment with the form factor if it gets down to like three hundred. You could be a useful tablet but I would never put a SIM card in it and expect to use it as my daily.

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What I don’t understand for the original price, why didn’t this have wireless charging and 5G? Also, there have been reports that it is not the most durable device. Honestly, Microsoft pushed it this out too soon and charged too much for it. If you are going to expect premium pricing, it better have the features.


Does ‘locked AT&T’ infer it will operate with any of AT&T’s MNVs (such as ComsumerCellular, Cricket, H20, etc?)

I also want to know this. If anyone knows. Even StraighTalk sold at Walmart (Sims) and cellular plans. I believe they have StraighTalk GSM (ATT) plans and Verizon (CDMA) plans both available. Might pick one up just to tinker.

Anyone also know the following?
1] Expandable SDHC storage option?
2] What size/type of SIM does this require? (Form factor)

I really hope there’s a Duo 2. I was looking forward to this, but the delays and price just made it unreasonable. To answer the above, it didn’t get 5G and wireless charging because it was essentially year-old tech relative to other phones on release, so 5G wasn’t a reasonable inclusion and wireless charging probably would have presented form factor or additional cost issues on top of an already expensive price tag.

A lot of good ideas, I hope we see a follow-up.

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Buying as a small tablet, but hopefully able to unlock.

I’ve got one and like it for use with two apps side by side, also very nice as e-reader. I don’t use it as my daily driver though, seems too fragile (though the bumpers help.)

As with all innovative products, there needed to be a killer app that used both screens that could not be duplicated by a tablet in multi-display mode (2 apps running in top vs. bottom of single screen). In my using both platforms, multitasking and document editing is much better on Android Devices than iOS at least to 12.5.n. The potential was there to be used e.g., pen version of PowerPoint that could more easily port from Word / Excel. I do that all the time but need to go from tab to tab to cut and paste or make use of two desktop screens

I like the processor in this device. Want something less physically delicate. It is too big to fit in a pocket so folding it into something thicker actually is worse than something 1/4" that is flatter and fits in a portfolio without making it feel heavy on one end.

It’s locked… but can it be unlocked?

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It’s easily unlocked


@arfdawg tell us the secret, because not even AT&T seems to know how.

I do see that the guys on XDA seem to be RECENTLY having more success finagling unlock codes out of MS recently. Might roll the dice on this.


It also gets updates frequently. One this past week.

The OS is stable as Android goes, too.

The biggest problems–the camera is garbage. If you try to take a non-selfie, you’d better hope that the hinge/tilt sensors work properly. That is inexcusable.

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It seems dodgy but someone has unlocked it. Scroll through to the bottom of the thread.

(1) Surface Duo from Woot - Can it be unlocked? : surfaceduo (

That said I won’t roll the dice on it as the unlock process seems like a pita.

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Great job on the proofreading.

You are able to unlock it took me a week to get mine unlocked

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How well does this travel? Meaning, how easy is it to shove in a pants pocket or a jacket pocket or is it limited to just bag carry?

AT&T Unlock?

Hi all. We ARE selling these at AT&T locked. A couple customers have had success after a lengthy battle between AT&T and Microsoft. You can read about it starting here. YMMV


I’m betting hard on your experiences with this (and also the XDA thread). But at least MS seems to recognize that they have a problem and are trying to resolve it.