Microsoft Surface Duo Dual-Screen LTE Tablets

Hi there. I see movement on 7/8. Will likely get an updated scan sometime today.

Well will wonders never cease? Looks like the item is in CA as of this morning. Don’t know how it got from NJ all the way to CA without a update but thats at least some progress…

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By FedEx / DHL / etc air
Or matter teleportation.

Curious what unlock efforts have produced for those that bought this? Anyone get it unlocked yet?

Still waiting for AT&T to time out the unlock. Might call soon.

I was told I would get a call today from MS support. Think they had to wait 7 days for the AT&T ticket to time out.

On the subreddit for the surface duo a few people have been reporting success. With this very edition. Although I don’t know if those are outliers or not

Yeah and carriers have to do their own stuff to the updates as well and approved them