Microsoft Surface Go 2 10.5" Multi-Touch Tablet

Microsoft Surface Go 2 10.5" Multi-Touch Tablet

I purchased the Surface Go and then a Surface Go 2 after the last Woot sale that came through and Absolutely LOVE them! The Go was fine with the 8gb ram but I just wanted a little more power so I gave it to my wife and bought a Go 2 with the M3 processor and 8gb again and it is Fantastic!
Only thing I cannot comment on is how well it runs with 4gb ram as it is not upgradeable. Storage should not be an issue as it has a MicroSD slot which can easily add 512gb storage.

What’s Windows !0?

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Read the description, it’s Windows 10 Pro. This is a corporate/education version, so it has Windows 10 Pro instead of Windows 10 Home.

I know this which is why it was followed by the Duck Hunt dog. I was pointing out the typo in the listing so they can fix it…


Thanks for your post. I couldn’t see what the comment was about either.