Microsoft Surface Headphones

Microsoft Surface Headphones

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This is an absolute steal for anyone in the market for some good noise cancelling headphones. I own these and Bose Quiet Comfort II. I like my Bose only slightly better but they ran me about $300. If I had $300 to spend over again and I was able to get these for $110, I’d buy these without a second thought. I use my surface headphones exclusively for conference calls for work paired with my laptop and they are fantastic. Music is 95% on par with my Bose headphones as well. Best deal I’ve seen in a long time, fantastic value for the price.

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They are really good headphones - too bad I didn’t wait to buy them…

Dec 9, 2020
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Microsoft Surface Headphones
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There is a weird forced “Feature” on these that I absolutely hate.
Imagine this common scenario: You are playing a multiplayer game with friends on discord.
Normal headphones you will be able to hear both the game and the discord audio at the same time, no problem.
With these headphones, when you are on a call, it mutes all other sounds, no music, no game sounds, just the sounds of the voice chat you are in.

I’ve done research and I cannot disable this no matter what. It is inherent to the headphones and Microsoft programmed this in. If anyone has a fix please let me know.

I give the headphones a 0/10 for this feature alone. I hate it, I really hate it and I wish I could return my purchase. It blocks the only reason I bought these headphones in the first place. Why they made this a permanent feature you cannot disable blows my mind.


Try changing this setting, big chance it changes this when it is first installed. Unless the headphone has something like this in the hardware itself I doubt it would be something else.


Interested in a good pair of headphones for work from home. Couple questions…

Has MSFT removed cortana from the headphones yet? It looks like you can still get the $25 gift card from MSFT because they announced the removal would be coming.
Can I connect to both my PC and android phone at the some time, would like to easily switch between calls quickly.
Can these work with my xbox and playstation.
How is the build quality? My band fell apart with care, but my invoke speaker is solid.
What is the comfort like? I have a 7 5/8 cranium and wear glasses too.

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This is a limitation of Bluetooth, not the headphones. You cannot use the mic on these types of headphones on your computer. You can either use as a headset (inbound and outbound) or headphones (outbound only). if being used as a headset you will be limited to your “conversation”. if you get a desktop mic you can resolve this but this is common for ALL Bluetooth headsets not the surface headphones and warning people not to buy these headphones for this reason shouldn’t be a thing.

Microsoft cancelled Cortana support for these. You can get a $25 microsoft store gift card for your troubles…

I have had no issue with “multi-tasking” on these headphones, using both headphone and microphone across multiple apps simultaneously. Running windows 10 on HP Envy.

Cortana works for me with these headphones…