Microsoft Surface Pen for Surface Pro 4

I just picked this up on Amazon for $81.

This Microsoft branded pen is $155 on Amazon.


I’m not sure why. They’ve never put out a Surface Pen with a retail over $99.99, even the current one that has more levels of pressure and tilt support for current-generation Surfaces.

And this is an example of “Really?”. I just paid regular price of $100 at a Microsoft store for this pen last Saturday. BTW, Microsoft did a little update to Office & Word about 6 weeks ago that changed the inking function that made using a regular stylus or your finger extremely annoying. The “fix” is a touchscreen compatible with a digitized pen.

Welp, I received my Surface Pro 3 Pen today (the one you can get on Amazon for $45). Now I get to go through the hassle of shipping it back. Thanks woot!