Microsoft Surface Pen + Tip Kit

Microsoft Surface Pen + Tip Kit

Last time it was $10 more and I bought it.
I hate it when this happens. But then again I guess it could have been worse I could have not bought the last deal and this deal might not have happened.

I also ordered last time when it was $10 more, but was advertised as “New-OpenBox”. About 2 weeks after ordering (and after the item had arrived I got an email from Woot admitting a mistake, and that the pen was refurb while the tip kit was supposedly New-OpenBox. They notified me that they were sending a small partial refund as compensation for the mix up.

The only issue with that was that the tip kit had been customized with a school district’s logo and covered up with a grey sticker, and the pen had a dead battery.

I replied to Customer Service and they made it right, but just be aware that these kits have a history of not arriving as advertised.

All that said, with a fresh battery and ignoring a logo (the sticker fell off), the kit works great.

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I purchased one of these from Woot also - it works great with my Surface 3 Pro. I like the feel better than the stock pen it came with.

I was having trouble swapping out the tips and there were no instructions included so I went online and (much to my surprise) the open slot in the bottom end of the tip case was for grabbing and removing the installed tip, like a small pair of pliers. Now if I can just manage to not lose the case with the extra tips I should be fine!

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I got one of these last time, too. The barrel on mine wasn’t smooth but had grooves, which no Microsoft pen I know of has ever had. But it works, and Woot offered a price adjustment.

There are pens available new for a similar price with tilt functionality, which this pen didn’t have. BUT this pen can erase by flipping it (the other end is an eraser tip) which is more important to me and not available elsewhere that I’ve seen (all other pens I’ve seen have a second button on the barrel for erasing). So just for that cool functionality, I think it’s worth it.


This says it’s compatible with Windows Ink

Does that mean it’s compatible with any 2-in-1 notebook with a touchscreen running windows 10 ?
(Since the touch technology of Windows 10 is supposedly Windows Ink)