Microsoft Surface Power Cover - Black

So, the Surface Power Cover that’s being sold is not compatible with the Surface Pro 3’s that are being sold? Am I reading that correctly?

Want to be sure in case I decide to pull the trigger.

Wow, this is one of those rare times when Woot’s price is higher than on Amazon (, of course I only know this because I picked a couple new in box units from a 3rd party on Amazon last month.

They are compatible, just not the most aesthetically pleasing.

The Surface Pro 3 has the same in spine power connectors as the SP1, SP2 & SP… so electrically you can charge your SP3 with one of these, as well as use it as a keyboard… however because of the size differences of 10.9x7.5 x0.37 in for power cover vs 11.6x8.54x0.19 for a SP3 type cover, a noticeable part of your screen will not be covered when folded up.